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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fat Girl on a Date

Well, what do you know. Last night Chemistry_NOT.com coughed up what may indeed be the last known perfect gentleman. He held the doors, he let me sit first, he insisted on paying, and he kissed me goodnight - without trying for more.

It was very easy to talk to him, two hours went by without a blink. We did the first date no-no: we talked about exes and past relationships. It felt fine to talk about. It was clear they were both so behind both of us.

He's in television. Behind the camera, not in front. More like involved with satellites and feeds. He has "When I worked at MTV" stories. Umhm. He has "When I was on tour with the Foo Fighters for 3 days" stories. He has "celebrity golf tournament" stories. God knows what he has seen or done. None of this came off as in your face, bragging, or hey look at me stuff. It was said very nonchalantly and told mostly because I asked. I am a curious sort of person you know.

Yes, he's rather cute. He knows how to wear a goatee and a leather jacket. I think we should call him Casino Man for now because he does enjoy himself a round or two of blackjack and his last vacation was to Vegas.

I think my concern right now might be if he feels too comfortable to me, like a worn slipper. Isn't that something you feel after 5 years together? If there isn't that spark igniting the moment I look into his eyes, am I fooling myself?

As for the backup movie that I didn't need last night, I still went today because I need some romance in my life! And I have wanted to go to the Outer Banks ever since I read the Prince of Tides. I haven't gotten there yet.

I knew Nights in Rodanthe would have some lovely beach scenes, and I was right. But, as anyone who has read even one Nicholas Sparks book knows, his themes are always about life and death and the love we find in-between.

A Bend in the Road
A Walk to Remember
Message in a Bottle
Nights in Rodanthe
The Notebook

So I don't think I give anything away to say that someone loves and someone dies and not always in that order. Richard and Diane have been better in other movies, and it is obvious details of the book were pared down to fit into a movie, but for me it was all worth it to see horses running on the beach for a mere minute of film time.

And some of you are asking about my Mom. She's been in the hospital for a week. The specialist is convinced it is her gallbladder, but the surgeon isn't. So back and forth they go trying to figure it out. Apparently, some type of radioactive dye test would reveal forth a definitive answer. I haven't heard. With my former Marine, cool-headed, former ICU nurse for a brother in charge, all answers are given on a need-to-know basis.

Which leaves me free to lose myself in True Blood and Mad Men. Thank god for mindless entertainment.

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Deb said...

Well, here's what I think.
I think it could be more that you feel comfortable with him cause he gives off the "I've known you all my life" vibe. That's a perfectly good reason to feel comfortable with someone. I think it can be a good thing. So roll with it and see where it takes you. Both of you. :)

Keep us updated on mom. Hope the dingbats, I mean docs, can figure it out.

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