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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fat Girl at a Party

morning weight: 277 lbs

I went to a local radio station's halloween party last night. I didn't really think it through though. Probably good thing that I didn't, I wouldn't have gone at all.

I wore my Red Sox gear; and young, rude, drunk Yankee fans said some really nasty stuff. Not just the average "boooos" or "red sox suck" that I am used to, but specific comments about my body and the fact that I was wearing a Varitek shirt (he hasn't had the greatest year offensively). I held my own, drank my vodka and cranberry, and waited for the live band. But the skanks that started showing up just magnified the bad feelings I tried to suppress. Every thin woman was wearing a slutty maid or nurse outfit. One woman came in with her three friends and they were all from the wizard of oz. I thought that was clever, but then the guys behind me started shouting at her, "that's the ugliest Dorothy I've ever seen, she's too fat."

And this is why I don't bother going out alone. What was the point? One guy, rather drunk, said he liked my shirt because he was from Massachusetts. Beyond that, no one made an effort to talk to me. And yes, I made an effort, laughing with and talking to some of the cross-dressing guys who looked hilarious in their snow white and nurse costumes.

Tonight, I have a date with a guy from Chemistry_NOT.com. We'll see. He has a good online sense of humor but beyond that I can't tell if I'm at all attracted. And of course, I'm fatter than ever so....probably not what he's expecting. I'll report in tomorrow. My backup plan is the Richard Gere/Diane Lane movie.


georgie said...

wanna know where i go? The GAY bars yep i always get oogled and my self esteem needs it...if I woulda been there I woulda chatted you up...oh I hope you have a good date nite! If ya ask me YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Plus if ya hung out with me you WOULD be the skinny chic....

Have fun

Deb said...

Honest to god I hate that your night exemplifies what our society is now. No one will even give you a chance if your not 5 foot 11 and a smoking 110 pounds. Makes a girl wanna say FUCKEM!
I agree with Georgie - you ARE beautiful and people just plain suck.
Screw the YankMe fans - you gotta expect them to be assholes. It's what they do.
Just keep workin at it and someday someone will take the time to get to know you. And then you'll hook em. :)

you're like butter to me

Just a Lovable Party Girl

Just a Lovable Party Girl
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