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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Diet Foolery

total lost: 23 lbs
total days: 44

It is very frustrating to have followed the plan for days and not seen a loss. I have seen this happen with friends on other plans and I have seen this happen with members on this plan. They just ride it through, sometimes going one to two weeks without a drop. I guess this is my test of patience. Oh sweet powers that be, please don't test me too long. It isn't that I want to lose quickly, it is that I want to lose steadily. Even if it was just a .5 loss per every other day, I could handle that. What has likely happened here is that my 1 cup of rice breakdown last week stalled me. Yes I dropped the pounds I'd regained, but nothing since. I suspect that is what happened.

Well anyway, I can speak to something that is interesting: I don't mind being in the kitchen anymore. I don't mind cooking so much. It used to nag at me before, it was such a burden to have to make food. I think that was because I knew I wasn't making things that were good for me, or I thought it would be too complicated. Whatever the reason, I can't say that I adore it now, but I can say that I don't mind it. And I enjoy accomplishing something.

For example, did you know you can basically make a substitute tortilla wrap out of egg whites? True enough! You just heat about 1/2 cup of liquid egg whites in a very heavy bottom pan (or omelet pan for those who have ever heard of such a thing) and be patient while it hardens. Then use a very thin spatula to flip it over with to brown the other side. When done you should have a rather sturdy substitute tortilla wrap. Really rather amazing.

Now obviously part of this is "diet foolery" in which you tell yourself that this is the best you're going to get for something you used to enjoy in another form. But I think if it weren't for that angle, many people would give up on their weight loss plans. For many of us it is about making different choices - for the rest of our lives. And that is what is daunting and that is what makes me relate to the other addicts, because I can only look ahead to one day.

So don't think about the rest of your life; it's impossible to even imagine that by your birthday in December, you might be in onederland. Eating well and living well will come to you more easily when you've lost the pound equivalent of Nicole Richie or Mary Kate Olsen. Right now that weight is clouding your vision of the future; you simply cannot imagine it. So just take it one day at a time and stay the course. It'll happen.

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Bambinokim2 said...

Hun, you are absolutely right. sometimes its all about doing for today, and not worrying about down the line , but trusting that these little baby steps, and baby accomplishments will reach to your onederland goal. I am here with you, and going through the same issues, we doing this together. Ill be your cheerleader.

you're like butter to me

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