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Thursday, July 5, 2007


morning weight: xxx lbs

Thankfully, at least this is going in the right direction again. Five lbs to mini goal. I don't really feel it in my clothes, except perhaps a little in the waist. I'm not complaining! Just recording the facts.

Nothing else really feels right - especially what's going on with Sena. I suppose it is all a great big test to see if I will give up on myself because life throws me some screwballs.

Ahhhhh screwballs, remember buying those off the ice cream truck Suzie? I think they were orange sherbet with a gumball at the bottom. Not all my childhood memories are tied to food...are they?!


OK so 15 lbs in 19 days. Trying to motivate myself here:

As of today, there are 179 days left in the year. Now, help me out with this because I'm an English major and can barely add and subject. If I were to keep losing an average of 15 lbs every 20 days (which according to Kimkins folks IS possible), then I could potentially reach my goal weight by the New Year! Oh my god is that correct?! There are approximately 9 more 20-day periods left in the year, therefore if I lost 15 lbs for every 20-day period, then I could lose xxx lbs which is more than I set to lose. Oh my god, is that correct?

*staring stunned & dazed*

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Just a Lovable Party Girl

Just a Lovable Party Girl
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