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Sunday, July 1, 2007

I Survived!

morning weight: xxx lbs

WOW! Not only did I NOT gain while my mother was here, I LOST 4 lbs more.

I survived! I exceeded my expectations!

If I can survive a week like that, I think I really can do this. I've walked through the most temptations I can imagine. I turned down aisle upon aisle of refined carbs. I resisted offers to eat out at very fattening restaurants, and when I was in a restaurant I kept my order carb-free. I got through the constant comments about what I was eating, and the tiny little moments of guilt I felt for taking care of myself instead of joining my mother in chips and ice cream and loaves of bread. I did not eat my emotions. Granted, I was a bit cranky having to defend myself all the time, but in the end I did what was best for me. Perhaps I can work on the crankiness.

This is a very helpful boost - I need to deal with the other stresses of work and Sena's illness.

Measurements at Week 2:
bicep - 16 inches (loss of 1 inch)
neck - 15 1/2 inches (same)
bust - 50 inches (loss of 2 inches)
waist - 47 inches (loss of 4 inches)
hips - 58 inches (loss of 2 inches)
thigh - 28 inches (loss of 2 inches)

16 days = 11 inches lost

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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