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Sunday, March 29, 2009

2009: 15 lbs Down

Holy crapola, how awesome is that?
PMS MONSTER and all!

Well, I don't feel as though I should be celebrating, but really if I shake myself, I should be. Since I wrote myself that engraved invitation at the start of 2009, I've lost 15 lbs. And I'm continuing to lose. I am now at the weight I wanted to be when spring training started; well at least I reached that goal before opening day on April 6th! And when I see Varitek (who by the way is hitting the hell out of the ball Soxy Deb!) on the field on April 8th, I am just sure he will notice...from my SRO location two tiers above! Hey sweethearts, leave me my delusions, would you?

So I am 12 lbs away from where I was when I went to Bermuda last April. Maybe I can get back into the 50s in May sometime. And then I can say that the whole last year has been one giant do-over and re-start my real progress down, down, down. I know I'm tired of the fluctuating rollercoaster, aren't you? I'd rather be able to fit on a REAL rollercoaster! Some of you reading will remember that day years ago when I couldn't fit into the Batman ride.

And very importantly, I have solved my boredom on the treadmill. I can keep it fun and challenging right now, by switching between the fat burn and the cardio modes. After a few weeks of these, I'm going to take the machine's fit test. That should be eye-opening. It is vital to keep setting that bar for yourself, higher and higher. But not too high, I still need to be able to reach it to feel a sense of accomplishment.

And...ta-da...I've ordered a strapless pulse-rate monitor. It will live on my ARM! I cannot wait for it to arrive. It is sexier to me than a black strapless evening gown! It will NOT sync automagically with the LifeFitness equipment, and that is a GOOD thing! That is partly what I hated about the experience with the one I previously bought. Special thanks to Graciela for her heart rate monitor knowledge sharing in the name of empowerment and to my future trainer Beth who did some leg work researching different types. Is it September yet?


Wednesday, March 25
Life Fitness Treadmill
Standing heart rate: 94
Workout heart rate: 112-145
Workout mode: random @ 2.8 mph
Calories: 459 Distance: 2:05 Time: 51:00

Abdominal press 60 lbs 3 sets of 20

Note: At least I went. I had also bathed both dogs that night. Numerous calories burned, no doubt about it.


Saturday, March 28
Life Fitness Treadmill
Standing heart rate:
Workout heart rate: 145
Workout mode: CARDIO, 30 mins @ 2.6 mph; 30 mins @ 2.8 mph
Calories: 788 Distance: 2:77 Time: 65:00

Notes: There seems to be no difference to me in level of difficulty between the cardio and the fat burn. I can manipulate the speed and the incline on both and it will still reach for the target rate that I agreed for it to set. Last Sunday's effort was 2.8/3.0 in speed but with a target range of 140 and I guess that's what I'd attribute the higher calories burned. Lots to still figure out I'm sure.


Carolina Girl said...

You are AWESOME. I am so proud! Hats off to you. You keep me motivated! I went for a walk / jog today. Didn't want to - but I did it. Here's to making 2009 a year we will be proud of!

butterfly said...

YAY!!!!!!!! I'm very very happy for you, and might I say- HOLY GYM BUNNY!

That's quite the workout, missy!

I too find little ways to not get bored on the "hamster wheel". Switching up the speed & the incline definitely help. When I start memorizing when the speed & incline are going to change, it's definitely time to switch it up.

I'm with you on the anti-rollercoster. It's all down from here.

Graciela said...

The HRM you ordered looks awesome. It looks like it continuously monitors HR like the ones with the strap. The one I have you have to put your finger on the button, which is fine for me. But if it ever goes TU, I'll get one like you're getting. The bottom line is how nice it is to not have to stupid strap around your chest...I never could stand that either.

Absolutely fabulous on the contining weight loss. That's exciting. I'm sure it feels good to see all your hard work actually paying off.

Sarah said...

You are so inspiring to me! I hate exercising and always find some excuse not to do it. I know it's what I need, but in that moment I don't care. Your words make me think maybe I can do it.

you're like butter to me

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