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Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Sweating in CT

Special super shoutout to my sis G...


You saved me yesterday and you weren't even there. There we were, squatting at your house while you were away, and our handyman brother was building you a workspace in your basement.

You saved me because you had a treadmill upstairs. So when the constant question and analysis of the dogs concluded, the playing of FOX news and negative-Obama-bashing began. And then it got to be too much because it was paired with not once, not twice, but triple offerings (and triple refusals!) of ice cream (after eggplant parmigiana and pizza were already floating through my overloaded digestive system) seeping into my numbed mind. Oh my god, I was in danger. The warning level had been raised to code red. There was a chance I was going to become a truly negative evil bitch, say some nasty things, and become just like our mother.

But wait! Your treadmill shown in the heavens like a glorious angelic savor. Nestled between two sofas, your treadmill was my escape. With only a short pang of regret that the dogs had to remain downstairs for 60 minutes, I bolted for the refuge of sweating it out at 3 mph with my mp3s blasting to drown out the maddening theater of FOX news downstairs. Oh yes, there is hope! Green Day saved me, American Idiot indeed.

I will note that the heart rate readout is somewhat silly, going from 97 bpm to 150 bpm in less than 2 seconds. I started to think maybe there was another entitiy in the room with a heart beat much faster than mine and the machine was adding them together. Hahaha. Brother took my pulse afterwards and it was 88 bpm. Very good!

Saturday March 21
PreCor 9.93 Treadmill
Walk3 mode
Starting rate: 85
Workout rate: 110--185 (I know this is wrong!)
Calories: 618 Distance: 2:61 Time: 60:00


Speaking of other entities...my hometown is now famous. Yup, I know the house, and I know the stories of A Haunting in Connecticut. The moment I saw the ad on television, I knew they were talking about my hometown haunt. Lovely. Just what the town needs, good for tourism.


Graciela said...

Sounds like you handled being out of your normal routine very well. especially the refusal of all those wonderful food items. Were you really able to be around your mom without bingeing later? That's amazing. That's always my biggest challenge because I am so desperate to stuff my anger after I see her.

Great job on the workout.

Sarah said...

You are a superstar. Yes indeed! I should go home and work out. Just maybe I will.

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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