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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Keeping Sane

Happy Monday all.

Sending you all some well-earned hugs. That's about as nice as I feel I'm going to be in the next 48 hours. T.o.M. is looming like a hurricane on the western front.

Keep it real, and keep yourself sane when all around you is insanity.

And my nonsensical rant for the week:
WHAT are some of these designers thinking?

That an overweight woman will wear anything!?

Thank God I already have an entire wardrobe of clothes the next size down waiting for me to "shop" in my closet!

Tool Booth Guy is out. Mr Listener is in. He calls, he asks after my well-being, he speaks of the future (as in "next week, maybe we could do this"), he makes me laugh, he shares his innermost thoughts....does he sound like a girlfriend?! Whatever, he's a friend. That I happen to find adorable. And if he never kisses me, I'll learn to live with it. Just having someone here in Jersey who is around the corner so to speak feels very comforting. If he doesn't kiss me though, he might have to stop flirting with me...the PMS bear just might devour him. Don't worry, I'll warn him first.


Carolina Girl said...

Woman, lay one on him! I say go for it. If he acts weird about it, then say "My bad! I thought you were Bruce for a second" LOL I mean, he could just be a good friend. But me thinks, or wonders, if he's really wanting more but doesn't know how to make it happen. Hmmm. Just use your gut instincts on that one I guess. He sounds SO sweet.

My TOM Bear just left. Thank the LORD!

Ditto on the designers...I NEVER know what they are thinking. I'm like, you all realize some of us actually have asses and boobs right????

Hugs back atcha!

Carolina Girl said...

PS I just looked at that link...I see what you mean. Ew. Just throw me a moo moo and be done with it!

Sarah said...

I really like Mr. Listener. You deserve someone like him. I wish I could find someone like him in my area.

And if the clothes look that bad on the model, how are they going to look on me? PASS!

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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