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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Inner Sanctum

Yeah, nice to lose on the weekend!

It is Brrrrruuuuuce Season!

I scored two tickets to Bruce's rehearsal show at the famed on-the-beach convention hall in Asbury Park TONIGHT! Peeps, this is the inner sanctum, the mecca of all gigs, for Bruce fans. And across the street is the other famed location, The Stone Pony. Only approximately 2,000 seats or so in the hall once the stage is all spread out. Intimate and pure E Street rocking musical fun is sure to be had. Yes, good things DO happen for $100.00!

And because good things do happen and should be paid forward, I asked Mr Listener to be my guest. I didn't mention a single bit about the cost, and I phrased it exactly that way "be my guest" so he wouldn't feel obligated to pay for the ticket. He said yes. I am over the moon thrilled because as much as it is a religious experience for me to see Bruce and I am often in my own world at that time, I do not enjoy being there alone. Especially when other couples are smooching. And especially when it lets out late at night and I have to drive back from somewhere I've only driven back from once before. I am not even hoping to convert Mr Listener into the ministry of rock and roll, but if he has a great time, it'll be a bonus.

This is such a thrill for me, I might be high from it all week.

And....because I won't be doing my usual Monday night routine, I went to the gym Sunday night. This is positive, forward thinking me. Rather than reacting, I'm being proactive. Rather proud of myself for that. Especially in light of the monster mother weekend.

I may have found the boredom breaker for my workout: Fat Burn mode.

Same amount of time, more calories, more distance. Of course, the treadmill had a hard time regulating my incline to my heart rate. It had to climb up to 15% incline to keep my rate at 140. I wonder what that means. It would keep dropping to 135. I think it means the bloody machines can't give an accurate reading that's what I think it means. I think IT was tired at the end. I kicked its ass! Downside, you have to keep your hands on the sensors constantly.

Anyone out there with a 44 inches or larger size chest that uses a heart rate strap? One year later and I still cannot find one that fits me. Maybe I will have to use Soxy Deb's handy dandy shopping search engine to find me one.


Sunday March 22
Life Fitness Treadmill
Standing heart rate: 85
Workout heart rate: 140
Workout mode: FAT BURN, 30 mins @ 2.8 mph; 30 mins @ 3.0 mph
Calories: 923 Distance: 2:95 Time: 65:00

Abdominal press 60 lbs 3 sets of 20

Notes: Personal best. Check out those calories and distance!


Sarah said...

Hmm. My chest is indeed larger than 44 inches, however I don't use a heart rate strap. Will it give me extra lift?

Graciela said...

I used a wrist HRM with no strap and it works great. However, if you are tied into using a chest strap...is the problem that it's not long enough? If that's the case, my hubby needed some extra length too. He cut the strap and then added (sewed I think) a piece of elastic to the strap. This seems to work very well for him as he never works out without the HRM (he had a small stroke a few years back, so he keeps a close eye on things like this).

I am so happy about Mr. Listener and that he is going with you to the concert. I hope it turns out to be a magical night for you; you deserve it.

Carolina Girl said...

Wow, that is going to be an awesome night for you! And Mr. listener sounds like the perfect person to take with you.

I am completely in awe of your calories burned. *bowing down*

My weigh-in is tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Soxy Deb said...

Way to kick ass D!!
I hope you had a great time seing Bruce. Wow, and then soon you have the Boys of Summer to go see. Your just a busy bee aren't you?

Keep up the good work! It's nice to see someone having good results. Lord knows I'm not - lol.

Graciela said...

Yes, indeed, there are tons of strapless HRM's out there. I got mine at Sports Authority...don't know if they have those stores where you are. If not, almost any sports equipment should have them or you can get them on line very easily.

Mine is a Sportline 910, very basic. They are not expensive at all either. I just really like the freedom of no strap.

I just now googled "Sportline HRM," and came up with a ton of hits...the first was:


When you want to take your pulse, you just put your finger on the button and it reads it within about 5 seconds.

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