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Monday, September 7, 2009

Overtired & Sleepless in Joisey

Awake at 1:30 AM EST on a Sunday night, because I can be. Because I don't want to sleep. Me, the sleeper queen of all sleepers. The I could sleep 14 hours straight sleeper. The I could sleep through a tornado sleeper. I don't want to sleep because I don't want to dream. Of him. Anymore. I was doing JUST FINE for months, a year really.

So, did you all know Payless Shoes has some really cute items this season? OK I know, laugh. Some of you are all into high-end shoes, but not me. First of all, if I don't have to wear a shoe, I'm not. I prefer no shoes, like a barefoot country girl. OK where was I? My eyelids are starting to burn.

I got some shoes for the old black dress. This is about as high a heel I can do if it isn't a wedge.

And then I had to get these. They were too wicked cute. And it was a BOGO. And they go deliciously with the duster that arrived and that I love so much, I'm counting the days it will be cold enough to wear.

OH, what a funny thing. When I uploaded the photo, I just noticed the book I have under the boot:

How to Tell If Your Boyfriend is the Anti-Christ

Given to me a while ago actually, by the infamous Sweden, who has seen the highs and lows of my last two relationships, along with Qunnie. Damn women, that's a long time. Anyway, if you're mending a wounded heart right now, check this little book out for some laughs and some truths. Amazon has a "look inside" feature for a gander.

I actually passed HTTIYBITAC around the office and we all color-flagged the pages of our past BFs and then we had a chatter about them. It was good therapy. In that book, L was a: Gun Nut, Workaholic, Misogynist, A Commitment-Phobe, and A Total Bastard. Hilarious.

No, as a matter of fact, I don't still want to be with him. I just miss the dreams lies he spoon-fed me. *cringe*

Oh, here are the flowers Chicago sent me on Thursday.

And when I told him that the Red Sox were not doing well (but we won today), he sent me this snippet of him playing guitar to cheer me up. It is the group "Boston," awww, isn't that cute and thoughtful in that clueless-about-baseball way.

I had to add the photos for blogger to upload it. The photos are from the back yard.


Soxy Deb said...

I read this this morning and cute shoes-I'm a Payless girl myself, but what does it have to do with Kevin?

Graciela said...

I like the appearance of the shoes at Payless, but I've found I can very seldom wear anything from there. My feet are kind of screwed up from past abuse (i.e. wearing ill-fitting shoes as a child because we didn't have enough $ to buy decent ones) and for some reason the shoes there usually hurt me. About all I can wear for dress shoes are Danskos and Ariats and other high end shoes (at least that's my excuse).

But yeah, Payless definitely has cute shoes.

Carolina Girl said...

Love the shoes and the snippet...mr. chicago is very talented!

I hope the dreams stop. Just think about donkeys!!!! LOL

Jersey Girl said...

What a nice setting, on the lake. What lake is that?

Sarah said...

Tell me again why Chicago isn't a potential?

you're like butter to me

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