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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fenway South

A very special thank you to Sweden who took such good care of my animals and my house so that I could enjoy myself away for a few days. The dogs are truly well exercised, I know this because they're still sleeping when I got up this morning. The frig is still stocked. And the dishes are done. Who could ask for a better house guest? I've said it before and I'll say it again, we should SO petsit for a living. Trouble is we come with our own circus of pets.

Well, Baltimore is not Bermuda. But, Baltimore is a nice place to visit. Especially when the weather was absolutely perfect. No humidity, a little chill at night. My ideal weather, besides a snowstorm.

It is very likely that there are untouched photos just waiting to be posted of me asleep with my mouth gaping open catching flies, but I'm bravely just going to step forward into the light and leave the weekend safely behind me until it smacks me in the ass.

After mentioning said weekend first, of course.

The Red Sox Nation was very well represented in Baltimore. I would say 3 : 1 and no wonder Sox fans call beautiful Camden Yards "Fenway South." I would see a game there again in a heartbeat.

However, I would only go if I had seats with someone. I've done many things alone. I've even seen a few games at Fenway alone. But this felt different, probably because I knew Soxy Deb was not too far away yet we weren't hanging out together. She is after all, married. *gasp* I know. I forgive her. Congrats on the 25th Deb and Mike.

But without someone to commiserate with you about the annoying 21-year-old hoytie-toytie bitch talking non-stop in your right ear about everything from Michelle Obama's lack of style to whether or not Dice-K is here on a work visa to how she's likely going to catch swine flu or bronchitis from the child coughing three rows behind her, there's just something that much harder to take about having to sit in one of those chairs for 9 innings cheering on as your team crushes the hometown team.

Speaking of seats, there were plenty of extras. Somewhat sad for Baltimore and somewhat frustrating for me. I know plenty of people who would love to go to a game in Boston but cannot.

The city itself was very friendly and nicely cleaned up, in the inner harbor area, with just the fringes of unsafe. I suppose if you throw enough money at a place, it starts to shine a little. The hotel on Sunday was just 7 months old and looked like a shiny new penny. Little did I know until informed by one of my two would-be flirting men that Baltimore ranks as one of the highest crime cities in the country. Hmm, no kidding. I did notice that the music of the night was very siren-esque.

Ah yes, in a city FULL of Red Sox fans, my two would-be flirting men were cricket fans. And not from Queensland. My taxi driver had a rather adorable look to him I admit, like Mohinder on Heroes, and he mentioned getting off work just after my fare and asked me where my dinner companions were, but I just couldn't see leading him on. And my waiter at the Rusty Scupper (Yes, I tried a Maryland crabcake finally) was also very friendly telling me about how he played cricket for a national team even, but I just couldn't bring myself to hang out after I'd eaten dessert. I guess this is where I fail as a cougar to take advantage of being appreciated.

Do we always want only that which we cannot have?

Watching the sun set over the yachts in the harbor, I did find myself missing ol' Boston and Cape Cod a bit. But there likely aren't any cold fishes who want my company up there either.


Sarah said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip!

Maruska Morena said...

Sounds like you had some fun. Too bad it isn't legal to ductape annoying peoples mouths shut though. But you saw a game.. so yeah!!!!

Graciela said...

I was in Baltimore about 10 years ago, and went to the Inner Harbor area...loved it!

I totally agree that having someone you trust taking care of your animals makes a big difference to whether you can enjoy your vacation. That's the only way I can stand going away from B...he stays with Pam and Kermit and Olive whenever we go on vacation. We actually trade off, and it works great for both of us.

Anyway, glad you had a good time.

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