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Friday, September 4, 2009

"F____ck Noooooo!"

If you're like me, and you need to laugh aimlessly, this might help.

"Fuuuuuuuuck Noooooo!" is going to be my new answer to everything. Except when I want to say yes, then it will be "Fuuuuuck Yeeeeees!"

Ach gawd, I miss Scoooootlan'. I might have to rent Trainspotting just for the accents.

What are you doing (or what did you do) this Friday night?

I'll tell you what I'm not doing. I'm not exercising at the gym. And I'm not having sex. I wish I was doing both. At the same time. Yes, sex at the gym. Ew. I need to bleach my mind now.


I have had a few Margaritas and Tequila Iced Teas.

I am fighting the urge to wreck my car on the way drive to L's new home and stand on his new lawn and spew at his new wife to tell her exactly what her husband is up to these days. It really isn't my style, but the urge is definitely real. And definitely delayed reaction.

I'm also responding to a few eHarmless questions from some eHarmless guys so far away from Jersey that it is perfectly unlikely I'll ever meet them, and I'm debating re-writing my OKCupid profile for autumn. I probably shouldn't do these things while I'm feeling so disgruntled. You think?


Oh, yes, yesterday, flowers arrived at work from Chicago. A small arrangement of carnations and daisies and baby's breath. Very nice, very random, but is it the action of a FwB? I have to laugh because I don't think the midwestern knows what an FwB is. I know I'm not leading him on; we've talked EXTENSIVELY about where we stand. So....sew buttons.


I accepted a date for "lunch on Monday" with an OKCupid man who describes himself as a "coupon-using frugal sort of guy." He lives with his mother (of course he does) who is disabled (of course she is), and he is rather proud of the fact that he has a union job that allows him to goof off 7 out of 8 hours. He works for a major telecommunications network, in case you're curious, message me. Where I see lack of drive, emotion, and passion, he sees a "going with the flow, day to day living life as it comes" way of being. He's never flown, and although he lives less than 30 minutes from NYC, he's only been there twice in his 41 years.

And you're wondering why I'm going to meet him? Hey, I just paid rent. A girl has to eat.


My Red Sox are not doing too well tonight, but we're leading the wild card race. I'm very excited to see them in Baltimore in two weekends with Soxy Deb. I think it would of course be awesome if the boys could win a game or two, but I think we're going to have fun no matter what. *wicked wicked grin* And if we could just happen to find out where the boys are staying...


Carolina Girl said...

I'm home on a Friday night, alone, drugged and loopy, and you post that hot ass picture????? Evil woman you are!

Pass the tequila...

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Fuuuuuck Yeeeeees!

That's my hot ass Tek!

♥georgie♥ said...

I just got home from a high school football game...

you and deb are going to have so much fun! look at that bootie shot!

S. said...

I can't even remember what I did last night...although not for any particularly good reason, only because it was so absolutely boring and routine as to not be worth remembering. Don't worry though, I'm spicing things up big time this morning with a trip to the grocery store....for groceries.

Sarah said...

Why do they all seem to live with Mom?

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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