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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Edicts and Riffs

Sweden has spoken.

Along with many of you who enjoyed hearing about my last date, some of you also expressed concern over my choice and my potential lack of self-esteem with such choice.

Oh no people, please. I knew I was scraping the bottom of the barrel. I just didn't know how disgusting it would be down there.

Let me assure you, I'm quite well. Mentally sound and emotionally kicking ass. The best evidence of this is that I finally had a night's sleep without a single dream of L the Donkey Ass.

However, I thought you might like to know that my dear friend, the exiled Princess of Sweden, (or as I call her casually: Sweden) has put forth an edict, royal seal and all, so you need not fret that I will ever stray quite so far to the bottom of the barrel again. Here is the royal edict, and I assure you she is serious:

"If you EVER go on a date just for a free meal again, I will drive down to NJ, slap you and then drive back to MA immediately."

She also wrote: "He’s an ass and that’s why he’s still single. He is uncultured and I’m grateful I automatically fall into his non-option pool (not dating any one born outside of the US). [And] I can’t believe you stayed after his question."

All in the name of research and entertainment, my friend, research and entertainment. But seriously, no one needs that much research and entertainment.


However, for something that is a bit more genuinely entertaining, I offer a few more guitar cover riffs from Chicago.

Yes, midwestern milquetoast though he may be, he really and truly IS a NICE guy. He just doesn't like animals much. Odd how that is usually my measurement of a good character, liking animals. But if we reflect on history, clearly that theory must be re-thought because the ever-inappropriate Frugal Non-Flyer really liked animals. And L loves animals. Sadly perhaps, it is because they are not that far evolved from them? No, that is an insult -- to the animals!

Chicago plays guitar for relaxation from the financial world, and interestingly enough, does not play for romantic whims. I asked him what he feels when he's playing (because I'm always so certain it is passion one must feel to play music), and he said he isn't caught up in the passion of the music as one might think; he's just trying not to make a mistake. So he's a self-effacing beginner, but since I can't strum a single note, I'd say he's pretty good. He plays for the guitar only; he does not like to play the melodies that are re-written for guitar. So where you might be expecting to recognize melody, you're only going to hear the guitar section.

So for some simple listening pleasure on a Thursday...here are some mini guitar riffs from my friend and future-Vegas-cohort Chicago. Oh, this is an audio thing, not a visual thing. I threw the images together just to get the tracks accepted for uploading here. So you might just want to close your eyes if you're going to listen.

Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive cover

Soundgarden - Spoonman cover

Tesla - Love Song cover


Sarah said...

Sweden is so wise!

Maruska Morena said...

I dunno. I think we need to go on those "Free lunches" now and then if only to realize how great some of the other men are. (or how awesome we are ourselves).

But we also need to know when to run.. run like the wind. :)

Chicago is sounding better and better.. maybe you can train him to like animals?

Soxy Deb said...

I didn't listen to the songs - only because the lil one is in the same room doing her homework and god forbid she gets distracted...oooh, shiny.

I'm glad Sweden put her foot down - or gauntlet, whichever it was. No one needs to eat that badly. lol

Carolina Girl said...

Sweden is hilarious and wise!

I can't wait to hear how Vegas goes without the animals...wonder if there will be more chemistry? Maybe you could just get a big house together and half could be for you and the dogs and half for you and him? haha

He's very talented!

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