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Friday, September 18, 2009

Absolut Boston

And now I shall wax poetically about alcohol....

It is afterall, my vacation.

Sidebar: Alcohol has destroyed aspects of my family's core. I'm from a 3-generation alcoholic family, but the key part is it affects the males. We females, I don't know, our vices lie in other areas I guess. Alcoholism is when you "need" alcohol to deal with a situation or emotions. Having a drink now and then and enjoying the quality of alcohol does not make one an alcoholic. Besides we all know my vice is carbs.

I love tequlia. I don't know why, which is lame. I should know why I love something that destroys my liver a little bit each time I drink it. But I do. And I love the top shelf stuff. Jose Cuervo was so college.

But when Grey Goose and Skky vodka came out, I was intrigued. They carried the reputation of hangover-less enjoyment. I was sold.

Mind you, after two drinks, I'm buzzed enough to enjoy my night. More than that, and I'm soon sleeping.

For some reason, I always associated Absolut with college, aka the Jose Cuervo of vodka.

Now a few weeks ago they released Absolut Boston, a limited edition flavored vodka, via a massive campaign on facebook. They tied it to Fenway, which is Mecca for Red Sox Nation. The Green Wall is part of the bottle for god's sake.

There was no way my curiosity could not be piqued.

And I sought and I sought and I sought for a bottle of this stuff.

And then Sweden learned of my quest. And she took it upon herself to find me a bottle.

Oh my gawd.
This stuff is wicked good!
Wicked pissah good.
Good to drink while watching The Boondock Saints good.

(You just gotta say it with some Boston tone to it.)

Despite all the appropriate jokes, no it does not taste like the Charles River. I can't quite describe the flavor, but if I tell you it has black tea and elderberry in it, you're going to think it is super sweet. It is not super sweet. It is just a hint of sweet in my opinion. And Sweden says "yes it is sweet but not too sweet."

I have had it straight up over ice. Delish.

I have made my own mix: one shot vodka, 3/4 unsweetened iced tea, 1/4 cranberry juice. So fantastic one must remember not to gulp it like straight tea.

Sitting in the sun in the backyard, waiting to see an early show of Love Happens, and sipping this drink...I almost feel human again.

Which is very important. To feel human.

Because we drove by L's new house today. And although we were not impressed ("run down shack" was Sweden's impression), it still felt both really good to get the curiosity out of the way, and really incredibly heartbreaking.

His truck was in the driveway. Otherwise, I might have been convinced to take an unladylike piss on his mailbox.

Here's hoping the demon has been exorcised from my soul!


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Ironic that I spent most of my Absolut vodka drinking days in Boston at college! So Cool. I wish I could try it, but I can't with my meds. Have a swig for me, k??

S.(arah) said...

I really love the image of you peeing on his mailbox. That was quite good for a chuckle.

I also wanted to respond to the comment you left on my blog. I'm sure you know more about this shit than I, but are you sure you're eating enough? Based on my half-assed calculations I am eating near the minimum of what I should be eating for the amount of moving I do -- if you are doing more intense workouts, shouldn't you be eating more so that your body doesn't lock itself down for the famine?

I'm signing with my email address in case you ever feel compelled to email rather than comment. :-)

MissMelisaMae said...

I absolutely think that at some point you should still piss on L's mailbox...twice.

As for vodka, that has been the cause of me pissing on many a mailbox I'm sure. BUT, if I don't remember it, it didn't happen, right? If you try vanilla vodka with diet coke (no carbs, hehe) it tastes just like cream soda. And pear vodka is great for shooters. Of course, these are all things I've heard, not tried *wink wink* Btw, if you have so much time off...get your ass out to the west coast to play with your blonde sagitarian sister! I've got nothing but time!!! XOXO

Maruska Morena said...

I used to love tequila well until we got overly friendly one night. :)

I'm a vodka girl.. a top shelf vodka girl and really hate Absolut, but now you've got my curiosity up. If you want some good vodka, check out Armadale, Tito's, or Monopolowa (white label). I love them in that order.

Soxy Deb said...

I didn't know you tried it. We could have looked for that in that lil run down sorry excuse for a liquor store. Except I was scared. And I wanted to get out of there. Fast like.
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