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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I've been pretty disappointed in one particular guy at eHarmless. We went through the entire process, asked great questions, got great answers, got to the email stage, he gave me his address, asked for mine, and then.....nothing. I sent him an email that same day. Just the basic hello, nothing too revealing like a heart dumping or anything. Got nothing. It has been a week. He's a screenwriter. If this is his idea of a pregnant pause, I want an early termination.


I got some incredibly craptastic news at work today. I mean, the kind that gives you an instant headache, causes you to wonder why you aren't living a nomadic life off where the wild things are instead of tethered to a cubicle, surfing the interwebs for vodka recipes.

Turns out, in the 11th hour of course, that management wasn't exactly crystal clear on this "mandatory paid time off by the end of September" situation, and as a result I've somehow scheduled TOO much time off (which considering I haven't had a vacation since April 2008, I find hard to believe, but the time management program calculator doesn't lie). My boss had asked us to send our time to her when we figured out which days we were taking; she revealed today she never even read them. She didn't count the hours. And now it is affecting some people.

So, I had to make a decision:
a. Take the full 12 days I scheduled, and accept starting the new year with a deficit of PTO.
b. Cut my scheduled time off by 6 days.

What do you think I did?!

When did I EVER save anything for later?!

As planned, my full 12 days off start this Thursday. Look out, I might be heading to a town near you. But first I've got to get my hands on a bottle of Absolut Boston.

Here's to living in the moment,


A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Of course, in the morning light, of course, I am ever grateful I have PTO when others don't even have a job. I am one lucky bitch.

Ice Queen said...

Good for you! People are such assholes sometimes.

That Absolute Boston looks pretty interesting. I'll have to make up my own recipe to go with it.

Sarah said...

I say take it all and have a great time!

Soxy Deb said...

12 days. Wow. Nice.
Whatever will you do with 12 days?

THe vodka? I don't know. I'm really getting tired of all this flavored stuff. But I'll try anything once.

Cool bra btw.

S. said...

Woohoo for PTO! There seems to be sort of unspoken contest at my work to accumulate the most and I'm happy to be the loser. I don't get paid enough to not take my time off!

(Oh, and I just wanted you to know that I haven't been ignoring my responsibilities related to the lovely award you gave me, I just haven't had a chance to finish my post about it). :-)

S. said...

Okay, I posted about the award and I had to give it back to you as well, even though that seems kind of silly. Had it not been you who gave it to me, I certainly would have given it to you. Your blog is one of my very favorites. :-)

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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