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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Somebody to Love

Here's my song of the moment (George sings Freddie's part pretty well):

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself but luckily that didn't last long.

You may notice that I added a link above Sena's photo (that RARELY happens because she's my alpha angel of everything) but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't mind between now and New Year's.

Please send a care package to a soldier this holiday season. Some of the things they need are razors and body wash, wet wipes, and especially coffee (in the single packets) is a treasured item. We're all struggling with the economy but I find that if I add a few items to my grocery shop, it doesn't feel like a large financial burden. The post office also has special rates for military if you send it in one of their boxes. When you're there make sure you pick up the customs form and fill it out ahead of time.

Not sure what else to send, or if you want to send a package to one of the 4 branches of military specifically, the site will tell you all the details you need to know. Don't wait. Some packages arrive in a week, some take a month. This page has specific soldiers with specific requests.

There are many soldiers who have no family and get no personal mail. I've been writing to a 22 year old in Afghanistan who is just so beside himself with heartache over the loss of a buddy recently. He was in Iraq first and says he can sleep a little better now in Afghanistan. They have internet access but no new underwear or socks; isn't that odd?

I didn't agree with the decision to invade Iraq for the reasons the Bush administration gave. And I don't agree with how the war has been handled. But one thing is certain, I do support the men and women of our volunteer military. They're out there risking their lives, by choice, for about $600/week as a private. Can you put a price on the cost of an American life? How about any human life, from any country?

Let's get the job done and let's get them home.

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Carolina Girl said...

AMEN Great post. I will definitely send a package and encourage all of my co-workers to do the same! :)

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