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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PMS Queen

Some of you have checked in on the challenge. Does anyone else want to check in on the challenge? It began two Mondays ago. I'm keeping a tally on the post that is dedicated to the challenge, click on the image to the right or right here.

Today's inspiration, Back in Skinny Jeans: Don't Self-Sabotage Yourself!

I know I learned something from that lesson on self-sabotage. Hope you did too.

I haven't lost anything in 7 days. PMS is an ugly thing. Some women swear by Midol, but it doesn't seem to do anything for me, including dropping water so I could drop a pound.

Here are some things I do swear by:

- Liquid egg whites
- Body Fortress whey protein
- MINI Luna bars (not the full size!) Emergencies only to replace grabbing that holiday snickers in the office.
- one tablespoon of light virgin olive oil (Cooked with one or two pounds of meat it isn't that much fat on a weekly basis, it is the good kind of fat, and it will keep you from being constipated.)
- Greek nonfat yogurt (yes, there's a HUGE difference, look for it)
- Water

I exercised on Monday night. I hit the treadmill hard, using their "fat burn" workout in which the bloody thing had me going up a 6.0 incline at times to keep my target 140 heart rate. It was intense.

Speaking of exercise, I will go again tonight. Even with my period. Unless I get some awful pain beforehand. Does anyone else still exercise when your TOM is here? I've read that exercise during that timeframe helps. Just don't overdo it.


Soxy Deb said...

I have heard that exercise during helps as well, but being that I've had a hysterectomy about 15 years ago - I couldn't remember if I tried.
I am feeling bloated today. Don't know why. It's making me crabby though dammit.

Hope you get to hit the gym tonight!! I know you will feel good if you can!!

Carolyn said...

I used to, although i never had that bad of cramping issues... but I did find that if I did exercise, it seemed to lighten up or seomthing. Strange.
HOlidays suck for eating. Not an easy time. I've never tried those bars though..
but the olive oil you're ingesting is TERRIFIC! It helps your body absorb the vitamins and nutrients of the healthier foods you eat. :D I love my oils... I pop popcorn in it, or use it to fry pancakes... mmmm.

Carolina Girl said...

You are right, the olive oil works wonders! I try to work out during TOM but it's hard. Mine is coming up soon! BLAH!

Carolina Girl said...

Mine has officially arrived! I'm going to try to fit in as much exercise as possible this weekend even if I don't feel like it. This bloating, cramping BS totally sucks. LOL

butterfly said...

I am pms'ing like there's no tomorrow. My whole schedule was messed up so I saw the signs for a full TWO weeks before it actually kicked in today. Arrggghhh.

Exercise really does help with the cramping, and Aleve liquid gels of course.

I hope I have something good to report back for the W.I on Sat. TOM is usually not my weigh in friend.

I feel fat, bloated, crampy, gross,and overemotional. I should wear a caution sign on my forehead.

And I am so with you on the egg whites. They are my crutch.

Jen said...

Wow, great job on the killer workout!
I didn't know that about exercise helping at the time - I'll have to try that.

you're like butter to me

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