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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Challenge Update

To my knowledge, this is as accurate as the information I have been given. You may have an update for me, so please don't be shy in correcting me!

Collectively challengers, in 28 complete days, we've lost 23.6 lbs! AWESOME!

Carolina Girl: 3 lbs
Deb: 6 lbs
Fab Kate: 3 lbs
Manda31: 5 lbs
Butterfly: 3.6 lbs

Me: 3 lbs

These five other women inspire me daily. They all have very different, complicated lives, and they're all making the effort to put themselves first, put their health first, and treat themselves and their bodies with respect. My hat's off to you!

86 days left until spring training! 86 days left until Valentine's Day!

Imagine if we could lose a collective 86 lbs!? I think that's like $2,000 in Godiva chocolate terms. Just sayin'...we're worth much more than that!

It could happen! If you dream it, you can achieve it.


butterfly said...

I had a dream.... to be within the normal BMI range for my weight, LOL.

I'm so stoked that we've collectively lost that much weight!

You're hilarious with your $2 000.00 in Godiva Chocolate terms. Just as I like to visualize weight loss, I'll start trying to see it in chocolate $$.

Thanks for posting! This online support base is sooooo important to me!

Soxy Deb said...

I am equally inspried by you D!! It is a hard fought, long and uphill battle. But we will persevere. I wont speak for anyone else, but I am tired of being fat.

Thanks for being my "soft place to land". I love that I can say anything I want or need to to you.

Have a great day!!

BTW - I got my BFF doing this too, and she was down 4 pounds on her 2 week weigh in. Just wanted to give her some props too!!

Carolina Girl said...

Yay! We ROCK! :)

We are gonna be some skinny bitches come spring!

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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