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Friday, November 28, 2008


Invariably I knew my mood would suffer as an after-effect of family time. So here it is, sucking.

I have eaten terribly. For example:

12 mini spinach pastries. 1260 calories, 84 carbs. Plus 2 hot whiskey teas. Equals who the hell cares. And I didn't even have a thanksgiving dinner. Could you imagine if I had?

But I found a pill to take all the worries away. Why should anyone have to be held accountable for what they do to contribute to their own situation? Make it go away like magic!


Fab Kate said...

;) you'll note that Fukitol doesn't CURE what ails you... I guess it just lets you put it on hold for a while.

Jen said...

love the pill - thats hilarious!

Try not to worry about one bad meal - we all have them.

Carolina Girl said...

Can I get some of that?? I need some asap. I'm officially starting over. LOL I think I'm gonna try to lose 10 pounds by Christmas. It's a long shot but at least I can try and if I fall short, well then it was a good goal to work towards regardless.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one! :)

Lila said...

I'm sorry about your bad night. I certainly have been there. But on the flip side, sometimes a bad food day can kick start your metabolism. So it's okay to let it go and fukitol and move forward toward your goal. xxoo, lila

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