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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just Another Sunday

Well, Mom asked that no one come to visit her. She's too exhausted. She's not even answering the phone in her room. So, her wish is ours to respect. There's talk of her moving to a rehab location which I think will be helpful in her long-range recovery. There's still no results on the cysts that were removed from her liver. Nothing is as instant as it is on Grey's and ER I guess.

My weekend has been one of absolute solitude, except for Duncan and Chad of course, and I am thinking it is exactly what a lot of people would wish for, but I wish I had someone to spend at least some of the time with me. Yesterday, I spent 5 hours mulching the leaves in the front and back yards. The landlords sure got the better end of this rental deal. But I prefer having control over who comes in and out of the back yard anyway, so mostly I don't complain. It is just that there are 6 huge trees that shed their leaves into my fenced area. It is a lot of effort for one person.

My reward for that hard work? I made a fire outside and curled up on the lawn chaise bundled in a wool coat and blanket and just let my thoughts drift off.

Silence seems to be the new style of rejection. I'll never understand it. Men are bollocks-less fools. Two months left on my Chemistry_NOT.com membership. Then what?

The squirrels are so fat here already, the coming winter must be a hard one. I hope so! I hope it snows a ton!

My birthday is about a month away. I have no plans for it now that Seattle is gone, nor any money saved for it thanks to my business trip last month. But, the yearly bonus will come in right around then, so hopefully, I can do SOMETHING for myself. I would like to buy myself a new life.

Speaking of which, I have to begin planning my trip for next September. Italy may be too expensive from all indications. Ireland may have to do. Oh I watch far too many movies.


Jen said...

wow, thats a lot of leaves!
That should have made for a good workout!

Soxy Deb said...

I know I'm not a foreign or exotic locale, but your always welcome to come here. You wouldn't need a lot of money and surely would could find a way to get into some trouble (lol).

Glad to hear that things with mom haven't taken a bad turn at least.

And you are WAY more active then me. I hate outdoor stuff. Raking leaves, trimming the hedges...any of that. I would rather take a beating then do that crap. But you did it for 5 hours!! I am duly impressed.

Carolina Girl said...

I'm not a yard person either...that's why I bought a condo! So I give you mad props!

Glad to hear the update on your mom!!

PS I realized today that my post isn't linking back to our weight loss thread. I need to fix that. I'm having techie difficulties...stand by!

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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