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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Real Potential

Best date since 2004. Not sure why exactly.

Oh yes wait. The guy was the appropriate amount of into me.

He was neither drooling nor disinterested.

He was funny, had me laughing quickly.

He was a gentleman.

He was adorable. In fact, his photos do him an injustice.

He took the lead immediately. I felt at ease and ....safe around him.

He knows how to kiss. And then some.

He called me kitten, which if someone had said to me prior to that moment, I would have probably frowned and said "What? I'm no kitten." But when he said it, it sounded adorable.

Yes, like puke-you're-too-romantic-for-Sweden adorable.

So it seems Mr Real Potential has entered my life. It would be nice if he decided to stick around. Cross your fingers for me, will you?

As I was heading to my vehicle, I glanced at my phone to see the time (4.5 hour first dates rock), and I see there's an email from Mr S. Honestly, I couldn't plan this kind of timing.

Once home I read it. He's extremely concerned - for himself. Thinks there "might be something wrong" with him because his feelings for me dropped so suddenly.

Yes Mr S, there's something wrong with you all right...you just let a great woman slip away.


S. said...

I'm so happy for you!! I can't wait to read more. :-)

Ice Queen said...

I like the title "Mr. Real Potential". It's a high compliment without too much pressure. Sounds fantastic. Glad you had fun.

Flea said...

Suh-weet. Fingers crossed. And I adore that he called you kitten and you liked it. What fun!

Me said...

Hey I'm glad that it turned out well. I'm looking forward to when you rename the blog "Losing weight having found a man".

MissMelisaMae said...

Mr. S most certainly did let a good woman slip away! Can't wait to hear more about the new gent ;-)

you're like butter to me

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