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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 10 Plus

Well, Days 9 and 10 of the Master of My Domain challenge were absolutely brutal for me. And there wasn't even technically supposed to be a Day 10. Erf.

An acquaintance of mine planted a seed in my head on Day 9, oh-so-innocently: "I bet The Photographer's married..."

No. Absolutely not.

I have no reason to think he's lying to me.


Well, he is vague about his schedule...

No. Absolutely not.



Long long long conversation with The Photographer today.

Hi, I missed you and I can't wait to see you etc etc etc were his thoughts.

Yeah yadda yadda yadda, when, when, when were my thoughts.


You don't just TAKE photos? You have to EDIT them?

Hmph. Hire an bloody assistant!

No of course not. That's like asking someone to rewrite my poems for me.

So the short of it is....


I'm a cranky, angry, nearly violent Sagittarian woman. I almost took the salon receptionist's head off when she told me there were no timeslots available for waxing until Saturday.

Do not make me wait! Any longer! For anything!

I warned him. Which probably makes me less appealing I realize. But I don't care!

The Photographer has until Saturday midnight or I take matters into my own hands, literally. And he can do the same for all I care!

Just a little addendum....

Some women (more than 3) have said to me: "Oh just take care of it...he'll never know if you did or not."

*blank stare*

Excuse me?

I get it. I do.

But....this was an exercise in trust. Self-control yes, but also trust.

What's wrong with starting a relationship off with trust? Seems an important element to me.

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MissMelisaMae said...

Married? *gulp*

Uh oh! I surely hope not...only time will tell.

A Sagittarian woman grumpy for not being able to "handle things"?...Never! LOL

you're like butter to me

Just a Lovable Party Girl

Just a Lovable Party Girl
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