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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weight & Food

Time to write a bit about weight...and food....

When this story came out last week, I was so appalled, I couldn't even share a thought about it with anyone. Yes, indeed, everyone needs to have goals in life, but to become the fattest woman in the world?


Her name is Donna.
She lives in New Jersey.
And she's not me.
Thank God.

Aiming to be the world's fattest woman

The super-sized mother determined to become the world's fattest woman

Of course, guess what one thing I picked up on while reading those articles?

Yup, she's got someone in her life who loves her. He loves her so much, he's helping her kill herself.

Damn, I wish I had someone like that in my life!

No, of course I don't! But wow....she has someone who accepts her the way she is. That's both beautiful and messed up.


So now that food no longer holds power over me because of the supplements I'm taking, I wanted to document a bit about what I have been choosing to eat. Because of course, it still matters, even if I'm no longer pre-occupied by it.

My main proteins are egg whites, eggs, organic buffalo, chicken, edamame, and whey.

My main veggies are peppers and onions, which have a lot of carbs in them. As soon as the warmer weather comes, I'll start doing salads again.

I would be lost without my shirataki noodles. ALL they are is FIBER! That's it! I mix them with either EVOO, Parmesan cheese, and garlic or with a Thai peanut sauce. I found that having a box of Dreamfield pasta in the house was too much temptation still (as in the whole box is quickly gone).

My favorite snacky items are blueberries, walnuts, nonfat greek yogurt, and ghiradelli 82% dark chocolate (one square/day).

I have mini luna bars in the car for emergencies (peanut butter), and I enjoy one cup of tea in the morning with a vitatop cranbran muffin top.

This weekend, I've just added this 40 cal/4 carb super green food supplement to my menu, mixed with light V8 juice.

As for alcohol intake, it is limited to two Thursdays a month, when out with coworkers. And I suppose the occasional baseball-game-gathering in the future.

Conclusion: I'm eating really well. Better than I've ever eaten in my life.

The benefits can come rolling in anytime now.

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MissMelisaMae said...

Keep up the good work, D! I know it's really hard but it seems like you've found something that works for you and that's half the battle right there. I'm so proud of you!

you're like butter to me

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