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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Master of My Domain: Game On

WARNING: OK send the ankle-biters and jailbait out of the room. I'm going to talk about sexual things.

A funny thing happened yesterday that I was going to keep to myself. But then I realized after a bit that it was going to somewhat consume me for the rest of March, and there's no way I could not record my thoughts here.

The Photographer and I jokingly (at first) challenged each other to a "Master of My Domain" contest.

Umhm. Do I need to elaborate? Oh you know how good I am at elaborating, but I'll let Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer help me explain (until they disable the video feed).

Yes. Can you say, "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!"

Anyone who knows me will know I've given up a lot of things in recent years. I eat better, drink less, workout more, and think positively more than I have ever consciously done in my life. So, really, the idea of "giving up" something else makes me feel a bit like "Holy crap, what else is there to take away?" (Don't answer that, you can't take my baseball, my movies, or my TV from me! I will fight you off! Back!)

But I was touched by The Photographer's approach to our being apart and his willingness to turn the long distance into something we can share together. Instead of focusing on being unable to meet, we're focusing on how great it'll be to achieve something together. In many many ways, it is MUCH too early in knowing each other to share something this intimate, yet it feels OK with me. I'll blame that on spring.

But even if this is going to be nothing more than a spring fling, I can't see it doing me any harm (besides driving my hormones insane) to challenge myself to feel good. And if the reward at the end of the rainbow is the Object of My Lust, sign me up.

So, for you voyeurs who will watch the torture unfold, here are the details:

Length of Time:
Nine Days (Started March 22; ends March 31 midnight). This is the length of The Photographer's California trip (plus two days for potential jet lag).

No self-gratification or sex of any kind.

Yes, I will entertain questions! Ask away!

And read the next post for the First 24 Hours.

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Just a Lovable Party Girl

Just a Lovable Party Girl
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