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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Things

There are many things I have to do....bills to pay, some work to catch up on, laundry, yard work, not to mention a week's worth of tv shows DVR'd. And October plane tickets to buy. Who has time for all this?

And to think I wanted to go see Alice in Wonderland, Remember Me, and The Bounty Hunter. What am I thinking?

Priorities, my friends, priorities.

Which is why of course, I'm blogging instead, about lust no less. *rolling eyes here*

Hey, "I'm a Sagittarian" explains everything.

The Spring Thing has hit full force. 40 degrees one day; 75 degrees the next. Too much too soon, I can barely breathe. I mourn the loss of the chill in the air that reminds me I'm alive.

However, spring has stirred my hormones like a pitcher of sangria, and I've been in lustful communication with both Mr Real Potential and The Photographer on a daily basis. Sadly, lustful communication does not translate into a 2nd face-to-face date with either.

Mr Real Potential is due back in Jersey this week, yet for some reason that's not happening. Perhaps next week, he says. We talk about Sox and socks and dogs and how it is still 46 degrees in Minnesota and what we'll do when we see each other again (I like the dinner option, and he's favoring the ripping the clothes off option which I secretly favor as well).

The Photographer and I were supposed to get together today, but it's not happening. And I'm annoyed but realize that I cannot be a petulant child about this. We're adults with lives. Right? Right. I'm trying to figure out how his life works. It is rather complicated it seems, and it may be too complicated and busy for me to fit into it. But if a guy wants a woman in his life, he'll make it happen.

So we talk a lot, but I find myself thinking if he'd just come see me instead of talking about it....I don't know. He's got an unexpected shoot (how do those happen I wonder) today, and he's got an earlier than thought flight to California Monday night. So it is what it is. He got me with the line, "When I see you again I don't just want to spend an hour and leave you," so he gets a pass for being romantic. He'll be gone for 7 days, working on a golf and bikini tournament. I kid you not. So there's balls and breasts and asses and god knows what else for him to deal with on a daily working basis. Perhaps I'll be some sanity in his day to text message? I don't know how it'll be. But I guess we'll see. If he's with a bevvy of bikini models and it is me he's messaging....I would think that's a good sign.

I have to say, I have hotter feelings for The Photographer but only because Mr Real Potential pulled back first. So, in conclusion, I'm taking it for what it is right now. In this moment, it is very nice to have these two men to flirt with on a regular basis. They have met me face-to-face and they still like me, and if I get 2nd dates out of them, I will be happy. I'll just keep my hormones in check with the treadmill.

In other news, I bought my very first skirt to wear for a man. Those of you who wear skirts for work, or just because you like them, can judge me all you want for being influenced by male preference, but until I heard a man say to me, "I'd love to see you in a skirt," I never saw a valid reason to try to buy one again (outside of the desperate must-wear-for-an-event situation).

Seven skirts failed. But one....the one I thought would be the worst actually....skirt liked me and I liked it. So I bought it, even though it is 2 sizes too big already. Yup. Paying $25 to have it tailored. That's when you know it is love. I like how I feel in it, and I like the idea of wearing it.

In addition, I bought 2 casual dresses. I know. Bizarre. One green, one pink. And tights. This spring definitely feels different than other springs.

And lastly, I had a procedure done on my hair. Yes, a procedure...may as well have been surgery. Come to find out there's some controversy out there about it too. Great. Some people have had hair loss. Great. Three hours of wearing some nasty smelling stuff (keratin complex, anyone?) on my head and THEN having it dried in and "sealed." I have to not wash my hair for 3 days (WHAT!?) and then I have been guaranteed to have 6 months of supple soft hair again. I don't know if I can wait 3 days. I really don't.

Why did I do this? Well, you see, I killed my hair somehow. In one year's time I went from soft silky hair to hair I couldn't even get my fingers through. All the natural keratin and cuticle are gone, and I'm more than a little afraid that I'm inheriting my mother's Sjogren's syndrome, but let's just err on the side of rationality that I've simply burned my hair too much right now.

So that's that in spring news. What have you got going on?


Jersey Girl said...

You have to tell me how that keratin treatment works. I've been considering it too.
Is there one favorite site you meet the most compatible with you guys? My sis-in-law needs to find herself a man.

Jersey Girl said...

You have to tell me how that keratin treatment works. I've been considering it too.
Is there one favorite site you meet the most compatible with you guys? My sis-in-law needs to find herself a man.

Jersey Girl said...

Sorry for the "double-talk."

Julie said...

Getting caught up on my blog reading....Happy Monday!

S. said...

Ooh, I love the skirt! I too am flirting with skirts as the sun begins to shine. I hated all of them that I tried, but I'm still flirting. :-)

MissMelisaMae said...

I'm definitely rooting for The Photographer over Mr. Real Potential only because he doesn't seem to be available and if you are anything like me (which I KNOW you are) that will get old quick!

Btw, love the skirt! I think you look amazing! XOXO

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