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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Q & A

Alright everyone, I fixed the link on the last post. It was just a link to my blog post entitled February Plan...it could have been found in the archives. But I linked it again.

But I've had enough inquiries to warrant a round of....

Questions and Answers

Why don't you just link to the supplements themselves?

1. I really went into great detail on what I'm taking. I think people should do their own research so that they've designed something that will work for them. After all, not everyone has the same issues that I have.

2. I don't want anyone saying "Well, she said this was going to work, and it didn't, so she doesn't know what the hell she's talking about." I have never claimed and never will claim to know what is better for anyone but myself.

3. If you really want to know where I'm purchasing my supplements from, I will tell you individually via email. Leave me a link to reach you. But I'm not going to publicly endorse any product or get myself into any kind of situation where I'm responsible for someone else's health. I'm focusing on taking care of myself.

Has anyone else tried it?

I know of one friend who has tried one piece of the supplements. I don't know how well it is working for her. Perhaps she'll comment on it.

Honestly, everyone's going to have their own track record with it. I can tell you that if you think you can take the supplements and not alter what or how much you eat and not alter the amount of energy you put out each day (yes exercise), the supplements are not miracle elements. They're not going to just melt off poundage.

What the supplements did for me was profound. It removed a fixation on food. Once that fixation disappeared, well, quite honestly I cried a bit because it was blatantly obvious how empty my life was without that frenemy to rely on as a crutch. But I have had some amazing social experiences so far this year, so that definitely helps fill the void.

Do I attribute the 10 lbs loss mostly to the supplements?

No. And yes. I attribute the loss to the massive downshift on calories coming into the body, which couldn't have happened without removing the constant addictive thought of food from my brain.

If I STILL ate Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, Taco Bell for lunch, and Dominos for dinner, and took the supplements, I would have probably gained 10 lbs.

The difference is I don't feel the urge to eat like that or really to eat at all. So when I do eat, I just make it as healthy as possible. I'm still off starch/carbs as indicated in 2010 with a Twist. And I still need to step up the exercise. A 10 lb loss in a first month is rarely repeated in a 2nd month, unless someone is on the ridiculous biggest loser show.

Hope that helps.

How are the other goals/aspects you had planned?

Well, the hypnotherapy I wanted so much got put on hold, as the therapist wasn't able to take on my situation as she'd indicated she had. I guess the downside of the alternative methods is that sometimes you deal with a little flakiness. There's another therapist I could go to, but I don't feel the same sense of trust, which I think it key. So I'm waiting it out.

I managed to start saving and contributing to a retirement fund. God knows how, because I have two thoughts: 1. I'm never going to be able to enjoy that money and 2. I could use that money right now.

Very hard for a Sagittarian to plan for the future. We don't trust institutions and we want to live right now. But I'm trying.

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S. said...

"Very hard for a Sagittarian to plan for the future. We don't trust institutions and we want to live right now."

Hah! So true! I was resistant to contributing to my retirement fund for so long because I just couldn't believe that the future would ever come, and if it did, that the money would still be there. I just thought it was immaturity or lack of responsibility or something, not my Sagittarianity. Happy to take a nicer excuse. :-)

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