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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Exercise and Jake TV

Well there it is....Le Olde Nordictrack. Never had a heart rate monitor before when I used this so I had no idea what type of workout I might have when I climbed on board last night while watching (Yes, this season I will watch.) The Bachelor. I'm only watching for Jake who seems so genuine and sincere, he's surely a train wreck about to unfold. It is a show about love that focuses nearly 80% on sex appeal. Gotta love the message we're sending.

Anyway, to the exercise. Managed to get my heart rate up to 165 at times, but my average was still low, 126. Still, I was surprised. And after EXTENSIVE stretching last night, I am proud to say that I can walk just fine this morning and in fact, my back hurts LESS today than it did yesterday morning.

The one glitch about my schedule I was hoping to stick to is that I put eating dinner before working out. That's not a good idea and that's not really going to happen. So I'm going to have to adjust, perhaps with larger lunches and lighter dinners, after exercising. The whole point of exercising at night is to combat the "stuff your face while watching tv" syndrome. If I'm watching tv, I need to be on the nordictrack at least half of the time.

Well, I'll work the kinks out somehow. I have to. Since mid-October, I've gained 22 lbs. That's just 3 months. That's ridiculous. I fought so hard all last year for this?! Talk about being pissed off at myself. Now I just hope it doesn't take me an entire year to lose 22 lbs. The yo-yo effect is not a good thing, getting slower with each year a woman gets older.


S. said...

I think that working out while watching tv is a great idea, one to which I heartily subscribe. It's how I manage to drag myself out of bed in the morning to work out, knowing that I've got a little mindless entertainment to pull me through.

Sarah said...

You're getting back on track (HA!) and that's a good thing. I'm trying.

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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