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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

8-Ball, Corner Pocket

I had a whirlwind weekend. The Light of Day benefit show turned into a Springsteen fest. I couldn't believe it even as I stood about 20 feet away from him. Definitely a shot of adrenaline for me. Music is my lifeblood, and Bruce is like a speedball.

I really didn't even have much chance to process what happened with East Strasburg until Sunday. But I've definitely beguiled him with my Sagittarian sexiness. He's already asked to spend this coming Friday night together. I have said yes. How nice it feels to have a choice.

There are some things about him that bore me I'm afraid, but I'm not looking to spend forever with him. He's a geek and an elitist. He's an intellectual of the highest degree. He's able to simultaneously play classical guitar, sing rock and roll, calculate the angles on a billiard table, and lecture on geology. He has 3 degrees and he's going for a 4th degree. He's a gamer and collector of rare guitars. He has his own pool cue and quite likely his own tux. He's a jack of all trades. I could go on and on.

Why isn't he in a relationship or looking for one? Good question. He doesn't want to devote the time to one. He's too busy starring in local theater and running RPGs for others. If he wasn't also in tune with his emotions, it'd be a lost cause for me. But he is a passionate soul, and that makes it a solid experience for me. Whatever he does, he does to the point of perfection. So, naturally, I was quite pleased with my sleepover partner's perfectionism in some particular areas.

I am having trouble with exercise, as in it has literally halted. For the past week, I have thrown myself into my job, because I need to fill two open positions on my team. I have never been so emotional invested. If I hire the right people, not only does it ease my own workload, but I look like I know what I'm doing in the eyes of my superiors.

But oh god is it ever exhausting. The right questions, looking for clues that they're lying (Come on who doesn't embellish aka SELL themselves in an interview?), and then they have to pass a test I made that I probably couldn't pass if it had been given to me.

I need to get on track and get thin. I have a very important wedding to attend in California in October!

(And...Craig Ferguson, you better be taping while I'm out there because I'm making a trip to LA too!)


Ice Queen said...

What's his sign? Let me know...

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Capricorn. Fits well.

MissMelisaMae said...

I was gonna write somebody about Mr. All Knowing but then you mentioned October and I lost my train of thought...

...I'm sooooo excited! And Craig better be taping or we may be inviting ourselves to his house for a chat.

you're like butter to me

Just a Lovable Party Girl

Just a Lovable Party Girl
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