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Friday, January 22, 2010

Early Bird Special

I keep wanting to play catch up, but I never seem to have enough time. Maybe this weekend. You know you're busy when you don't even have time to write for yourself.

But I have a semi-social life now, so I can't complain too much.

Tonight my Geeky Lay (formerly East Strasburg - had to change it, spelling is wrong) wants to have Japanese food at 5 pm. See, I told you he's like a 29-year old senior citizen. Can you say Early Bird Special? Then he wants to play more pool, because beating me 6 games wasn't enough? I don't really mind, because all I'm thinking about is the sex. Fine by me, as long as we're in bed by 9, maybe I'll have some energy to do something. Friends with benefits, people, and I'm focusing on the benefits.

Speaking of benefits...have you donated to Haiti Relief?

The Help for Haiti Now concert is tonight. I love to see how organized everyone can be around this frightening natural disaster. I will tape it and love to see me some Bruce, some Brad, some others. There but for the grace of god go us...no one chooses to live on a fault line in a poor country. Yet, I can't help but wonder why couldn't this type of fund raising exist for New Orleans, or hell why couldn't it exist when Haiti was "just" another extremely poor country? I'm amazed at the money figures raised and hoping it reaches the people who so desperately need it.

I support the local shelters here and I support the wolf sanctuary and I support the continual rebuilding of the 9th ward in New Orleans. So, Haiti, hopefully you really do have those millions of dollars pouring in to help you. I gave what money I could, not to ease any guilt over living in the northeast corridor of the United States, but because I knew no other way to help. If I were a doctor, I would go. If I were an animal rescuer, I would go with my special sniffing dog. If I were unemployed and someone could get me there for free, I would go to do something helpful with my time. But I am none of these things, so I gave my spare funds and I hope it helps.

Just another hard-working, overweight, privileged soul living with a job, a cat, two dogs, and a geeky lay in Jersey in the year 2010. Believe me, I'm not knocking it.

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Ice Queen said...

Lucky you for a friend with benefits. Always tried to have one but ended up getting way too attached.

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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