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Friday, January 8, 2010

A 3-Date Weekend

Alrighty, I need some words of encouragement. Of course, they could all cancel, but....as of this moment, I have scored 3 dates this weekend. 2 OKStupid and 1 eHarmless. Would you like a little preview? OK.

Saturday lunch: He's 29 (rawr) and an accomplished musician who has sat in with Slash and Eric Clapton on some jam sessions. He's got the photos to prove it, unless he's a photoshop expert. We're both thinking strictly FwB here. I'm good with that thought right now, because people, it has been a flipping 13 months. This Sag is dying.

Saturday night: He's 37 and also a musician. Not as much of a name-dropper as the 29 year old, but still, he's composing and he's open-miking it often. His day job involves IT. He asked me to go see Leap Year. Of course I said yes, and not just because of the storyline (but I love the idea of that movie's storyline).

Sunday lunch: He's 40 and a filmmaker. He was in LA for a few years, and namedropped that he'd worked with Brad Pitt before the Thelma & Louise big break. He's hired agents who are shopping his film around this year on the festival circuit. Entourage anyone? He's in MA and we're meeting halfway in CT. He was willing to drive all the way here, but I didn't like the pressure that made me feel. We are only meeting for lunch, and I have a feeling we're not going to click because he made a comment about me being able to "judge for myself if he's self-centered" when we meet. Clearly a past issue for him because I've never thought nor indicated that to him in any way. He also said he likes long-distance relationships because he's fine with only seeing someone once a week. Not exactly what I'm looking for.

Goodness, looks like I have to do some laundry tonight.

In the wings....

A dog-loving, world traveling design engineer in Wisconsin.

An adrenaline junkie in New York.

So far, I would say TwentyTen is pretty entertaining so far. Stay tuned to see if there's any substance.


The Big Girl Blog! said...

Yes... I always say keep a full roster, and you are doing just that. I love it! xoxo

Sarah said...

Have a wonderful time!! You know I love to live vicariously through you.

S. said...

Wow, way to go! I've been thinking about diving back into okcupid (although I currently think about it with mostly dread, which tells me it's maybe too early) and I was wondering whether you have any "rules" with regard to the men you meet online? Like how the first meeting goes down, how long (or in what forms) you're willing to talk before meeting, etc.? Just curious...

Carolina Girl said...

LOVE the new blog header!

Can't wait to hear how these go! Have fun, regardless. And for the love of God, update us on Twitter in between. (Unless you are in between the sheets, and in that case, carry on!)

I think you should rename your blog to "Stay tuned....the best is yet to come." ;)

Flea said...

Ooo! I'll definitely stay tuned! Be safe, girl.

Julie said...

Frankly I'd skip the Sunday date. If he's not what you're looking for, why waste time?

Can't wait to hear about the other two though!

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