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Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Workout Schedule

Eight Belles. Sweet filly broke both her front ankles just moments after finishing the Derby. Everyone is second guessing like crazy. Should she have run against the boys? Was it too much for her? And the greater questions of whether or not horse racing is cruel, as greyhound racing is viewed. Well, I don't know the answers. I think whatever happened was the way it would have happened anyway. Her ankles would have given out at a different time. Not in front of the entire television audience but nonetheless tragic. I do know that horses are injured and cannot be saved FAR MORE often than the general public ever sees on TV. Imagine 1200 lbs dancing on four tiny feet like a ballerina. The very fact they manage not to injure themselves EVERY time they run is amazing. There is abuse everywhere in this world. There is abuse at your local trail riding facility. There is abuse at the nearby retirement farm. There is abuse at the highest paid barn in the country. Don't single out the thoroughbred community. Look in your own backyard first; maybe that is something you can change with a report to the ASPCA. Do thoroughbred horses like to run? Dumb question. They absolutely do. Is racing them for money unconscionable? Maybe so. Do I love to see horses run? I certainly do.

I wanted to write to say that I feel the hypnosis is helping me. It helped me calm down a "1st day of period + stressful work day" craving for carbs. I was pretty impressed. The only downfall so far is that I find myself without enough time to listen. Going to try looping it through the night so I can get all 4 of my programs in.

I'm going to try something really dedicated. I'm going to the gym 6 days. Treadmill on Mon/Wed/Fri and weights on Tue/Thurs/Sat. This is my attempt to really try to move things along metabolically-speaking.

Stay tuned!

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Thanks for writing this.

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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