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Thursday, May 8, 2008

256 - 96 to Go

morning weight: 256 lbs

Wow. So nice to see that scale cough up some new numbers!

Exercise and water, exercise and water! I am now finding that the treadmill is easier and easier and I am increasing the speed and the incline more and more. Level 3 seemed impossible a few weeks ago and now I can easily maintain that level. That's progress.

When I feel like stuffing my face with something, and it is usually at night when the Red Sox game is on, I will just put the hypnosis tape on early. Even if I don't get to the deep relaxation part, just knowing that I'm consciously making an effort not to chew my hand off seems to help curb the mental "need" to eat. I've also resumed my cup of tea after dinner just to help ease the idea of not having something else to eat.

I do have a very solid realization. If I wasn't alone, I wouldn't have these feelings. If I was with someone else who was aware of what they were eating, this struggle of mine would be so much easier. But, that's OK. Going it alone is OK. Once I've lost the next 96 lbs, I'll find someone who will be a true partner in my life and we'll be each other's cheering section and each other's rock.

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Just a Lovable Party Girl

Just a Lovable Party Girl
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