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Sunday, May 25, 2008

$38 and how many pounds?

I don't even want to know what the scale says today. I need a break from the scale. In fact, I'm thinking of tossing it. :(

I haven't been out to dinner in several months. I am sure the last time was when I had a guest stay over. Anyway, I took myself to Longhorn's. I didn't restrict myself. I had a frozen margarita. What do you think, 1000 cals? Probably. Then I had breaded shrimp. 2000. Then I had a salad with ranch dressing. Then a filet with bacon and a baked potato with butter. 4000. Oh hell, let's just round it up to 5000 and call it a day.

Did I eat anything else yesterday? No. But that is one "average" meal when in a restaurant. Granted most people share appetizers but that's about it. I can tell you I was unable to finish my food, but I used to be able to do that, plus another drink, plus dessert. In fact, that is what I saw most people around me doing. I was actually full after the salad and I could've stopped there, asked for the steak to wrap. But I was going to a movie afterwards and didn't want it sitting in the car. And I experienced that "You're paying $18 for that steak, you better eat it" warning in my head. After all, I could have bought one in the store for $10 and grilled it myself.

Anyway. Just another day of rambling in my lonely life. But I watched HBO's "Alive Day Memories," and I can tell you I have absolutely nothing in my life to complain about. Thousands of injured soldiers in this war are coming back and learning how to walk without legs and live with hands. Yeah, so my life IS great and I appreciate every day I have.

I purchased some 18/20 shirts. Hard to feel comfortable in something fitting so closely. I will get used to it. I am packing up my size 30s and 28s and 26s in pants and my 24s in shirts. Still holding onto my 24s in pants as I am barely into my 22s and don't want to jinx it.

Well it is time to go lift some weights. Then mow the lawn with my self-powered mower - woohoo! We want to PUMP you up!

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Just a Lovable Party Girl

Just a Lovable Party Girl
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