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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Improved Endurance

I have definitely achieved noticeable progress OFF the scale. I can now handle a 3.0 incline at 3.0 speed with a heart rate of 140 on the treadmill without any problem. No cramping muscles, no feeling like I'm going to fall off the machine. When I started, 2.2 speed was really pushing it and 3.0 incline was like a mountain. So I guess this means my endurance has increased. What other benefits it gives I do not know.

I have also felt an increased ease in the weight training. I've reached the end of 30 lbs resistance and I'm ready to go to 35 lbs. I can't say that I've noticed ANY ab strengthening or changing, but they are getting in a "state of the art" ab machine in June and it is supposed to be pretty amazing. So we'll see, maybe it is the machine, not the exerciser. Yeah, right!

However, I must stop being so scale-focused. It is a source of major disappointment. No need to console me; I know it doesn't mean everything, is rather inaccurate, and muscle weighs more than fat. Listen, I don't want to be a musclehead, you know? LOL I want to be thinner.

Anyway, I think it is time to invest in one of those heart-rate watches and see just how off is the reading on the treadmill. Happy shopping to me.

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Just a Lovable Party Girl

Just a Lovable Party Girl
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