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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Agitated Cravings

morning weight: 258 lbs

Well. Up 2 lbs. Wah. PMS I suspect. Stressful week. I haven't had a bathroom for 3 days. Do you think I can dock the rent to the landlord? Some people seem to think so. Showering at the gym has been...unpleasant. But at least that was an option! Being alone in Jersey sure does suck sometimes. If I had won the megamils last night I would have bought myself some friends in this state! LOL Don't worry girlfriends, even though you live in NY and MA and CT and elsewhere, I know you're there. You're just not conveniently located around the block! And I can hear my friends saying, "Well, you're the one who moved away!" Touche friends, touche. Maybe that'll change again some day. When I can afford a moving company. LOL

So, I've lost $196 million. Ah well. Easy come, easy go.

I have much to look forward to today. Due to yesterday's rain, the Sox have to play a double header so from 4 pm on, I will be all Soxy! And I'll take a break to watch the Preakness, with my heart in my throat hoping the horses make it through the race. And when the 2nd baseball game is over, I'll head to the gym for my new favorite late night activity. Instead of dinners by candlelight and movies at the theater and frolics in bed, I am in love with exercise. Oh how it rocks my world.

Does it sound convincing? Almost? OK, I'll keep working on it.

I really do want a burger and fries. Hmm. I'll have to see if I can rationalize that as my ONE bad meal of the week. Submission to the period's cravings. IF I can keep it to one meal, it wouldn't be the end of the world. THAT'S the question though. Can an addict just have something ONCE? Not likely.

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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