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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Non-New-Moon Fever

(Lest You Think I'm Crazy Disclaimer: The following post is the 3rd in an unplanned series of conversations with a fictional character. The 1st two conversations are here, respectively: Edward and Mortals; Not Breaking Dawn Yet)

"I can't believe you're not out there...."

Wha!? Who?! Where am I? Godpleasedon'ttellmethefeverhasreturned....

"Waiting....in the darkness.
Waiting...in the rain.
Why aren't you waiting....in line....to see me....?"



Hello Edward. How nice of you to drop by. How's that...........spawn of yours?

"Oh be nice. Just because I found happiness --"


Save it, please. You are a vampire. You're not supposed to find happiness. Especially when most humans can't seem to. Didn't you read Anne Rice?

"So, you're not going to see New Moon because you hated my finding happiness in Breaking Dawn after saving my family's life?"

No Edward, I'm not going to see New Moon -- today. Or tomorrow. Or probably anytime soon. But I will see it.

"Why are you waiting? You loved me once. This movie has some fantastic views of Italy...you'll love that. And....though it disgusts me to say it, you also love those stinky wolves just like Bella."

Ironically, I looked out over the dark blue water of the lake and searched for the swans as if she might be among them, floating around in her clumsy squawky manner. I felt my nose wrinkle as if I might sneeze. Allergic to Bella; anything is possible.

Anything is possible. If I closed my eyes I wondered if I could feel Edward's breath along my neck the way I used to.

There are many reasons Edward.

"I'm listening..."

The actor in the movie doesn't quite capture who you are.

"No actor ever does..."

The thought of being in a packed theater with screaming teenage girls not only makes me want to cut my ears off, but it'll ruin the movie experience for me. I'm very picky about sound.

"So pick an off hour to see it...besides you were a teenage girl once. I can't understand them, but you must...."

More than 20 years ago....

"But it feels like yesterday..."

Yes Edward, sometimes.

"And these books make you feel like you're 17 again...."

Yes, the books. Not so much the movie.

"But you'll go...."

Yes Edward. But I'm really surprised you're here to remind me.

"Why's that?"

This is really Jacob's movie.

I looked up just in time to see Edward's darkened eyes smoldering me to the core.

Ahhhhh yyyyyyyyyes, now that's a nice toasty feeling of need indeed.

For a (somewhat) intelligent opinion about adult women's interest in the Twilight series, read 'Twilight,' the love that dare not speak its shame by Monica Hesse.

For the record, I do not associate with the word feminist. I am many things, but I can't seem to make that word fit as people define it these days into who I am. And I'm not apologetic about it.

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Maruska Morena said...

lol love that "This is really Jacobs movie" .. I'm not going to see it yet either. I saw enough from the previews to know that they screwed with the book. I'll probably wait til it comes on DVD.

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