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Monday, September 29, 2008

Hotel Living

Rest in Peace Paul Newman. I will never forget you and Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

As for me, ouch, my head is killing me. Between the lights of the temporary work space, this head cold, and the stress of having to "fix" this project for the idiotic QA department, I am really surprised I'm even capable of writing something down.

I was trying to get a shot of the hair color...but the photos didn't really come out with any true color. I guess that's "soft hotel lighting" for you. It is much darker.

Well, today plainly sucked work-wise. I never felt so surrounded by a bunch of monkeys as I did today. But, I took full advantage of the fact that the company has stuck me here for two weeks, and I used the hot tub and I went swimming. Something I haven't done in a long time. Felt good although I am sure I didn't burn any calories. Just floating around.

Good, however mindless, television recently watched:

Mad Men
True Blood
The Life and Times of Tim
The Office

Duncan is adjusting. He's stopped meowing. Finally. Your Mommy with an achy head thanks you very much.


Carolina Girl said...

Duncan is so cute! He looks like my Jasmine...they are very similar!

Carolyn said...

Awww... they break my little heart!
I'm sure you'll adjust too. Day at a time. I'd be soaking up the pool if I were there too!!

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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