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Friday, September 19, 2008

French Man, Part Deux

morning weight: 261 lbs

No change in the scale and that's OK.

Had an IM chat with le French man last night. Mr X is interesting, to say the least. He has a home in Paris and another house (and I quote) "near Tarbes, in the south of France, close to Toulouse and Pau."

Hmm. He's here on business, leaving Saturday. Will I go meet him tonight? No. Did he ask? No. How do I feel at the moment? Curious. I just feel like calling his bluff.

He says back in France he has a web cam. Along with a horse and a dog. So, we'll see if he resembles his photos. Claims he's never done internet dating before. I'm his first contact with that social culture. Great. Bring on the guinea pigs people!

My friend, the princess of Sweden says, "If he IS real, he's gay and doesn't know it." Hmm. I could use a gay friend in the south of France.

I am jaded. Which is a shame. Twenty years ago when I fell head over heels in love with (and married) my first foreigner, I believed in everything. I lived the fairy tale dream. Now it seems I believe in nothing outside myself. After all, my thoughts and my actions are the only things within my control. The rest is up to the universe. Another book concept: From Romantic to Realistic in 20 Years. It'll be a bestseller.

In his first email Mr X wrote "hello princess..." and referred to me as "an angel." Is this not remnant of Carrie's "The Ick Factor" episode with Alexander? If Mr X starts to compare my green eyes to the lush forest of godknowswhere, I might have to call an emergency SATC session.

The Future Princess of France wishes you all a great weekend!


Carolyn said...

lol... so entertaining!
I never did the internet dating thing. I met a guy in austrailia when I was in grade 9 (taht was 13 years ago!) and we still talkall the time! He's practically married, but we're great friends! Have fun!

Carolina Girl said...

Wow, Mr. X sounds very intriguing!! I can't wait to hear how this goes...He needs to get that web cam up and running. Wouldn't it be fun if we could post pics of these people on our blogs? I guess I'd feel bad though about that whole invasion of privacy thing....haha.

Keep us updated!!!! I'm so curious!

Deb said...

Girl, if he turns out to be real I wanna go with you to France for "the" visit. A gay friend in the south of France would be freakin awesome.

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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