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Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Dog Personified

I figured I'd try a new color on the blog for fall. The blue was starting to make me feel blue. And I'm trying to get back the motivation to write, let alone exercise. This is my time of year! I love this time.

I have a million other things to do. And I'm avoiding all of them. I don't actually have much to write about. I have slacked yet again this weekend. Even as I verbally told myself I was going to focus, I slacked.

I saw Burn After Reading. Not as laugh out loud funny as I had hoped it would be, but good enough.

The funniest part for me was seeing my dog, Chad, personified.

I know, you probably can't see it if you don't know my dog. But honestly, I don't know how Brad got to study MY dog so much, but he captured him perfectly in his portrayal of Chad, the exercise trainer. Even took the name! And right down to the fact that the guy could not stand still for very long or think very clearly. The hair, the attitude, everything was exactly like my dog.

And this is where you all raise your eyebrows and laugh at me. That's OK. I'm just sayin', my goofball of a dog needs a cut of the royalties. :-)

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Carolina Girl said...

Oh my gosh - what a gorgeous dog! Those EYES! Wow!!!!!!!

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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