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Friday, September 26, 2008

Massachusetts Bound

morning weight: 265 lbs

Well, I've got some interesting news to share. I have to go work at another company location for two weeks.

I should feel happy about this, but I just can't be thrilled about having to do someone else's job at the 11th hour because they can't get it done. Bittersweetly, it is in Massachusetts. I have been saying how much I miss Massachusetts. Ha. The schedule will be so crazy that I won't have much time to do anything else except maybe sit in front of the TV and watch the baseball playoffs on TBS (ugh, why are they not on NESN?).

My cat and my dog also have to come with me. My life is such that I don't have anyone in Jersey to help take care of them, and they're not kennel-proof unfortunately. So Chad will go to his brother's house, and thankfully have a great time thanks to the princess of Sweden and her knowledge that the dogs need attention and exercise. And Duncan will come with me and live the life of a hotel room cat. I know he's thrilled beyond belief.

I love new experiences, I love to travel. Why am I not feeling good about this?

However, speaking of feeling good, I heard from Seattle. Good stuff. Happy birthday to him today, the big 3-0. I remember the 3-0. Lots of tequila. I told Seattle if our October rendezvous didn't happen, then my birthday in December would just have to be a party that involved him. As I watched Grey's Anatomy last night (and I won't spoil it for anyone who has yet to see it but poo on the writers for pulling on our heartstrings like that with Derek and Meredith), they showed a lot of Seattle flybys of the needle etc. I thought it would be a fun place to see for a weekend. But there I go again, getting way ahead of myself.

First I have to survive the next two weeks. I am counting on the Red Sox to help me.


Deb said...

I'm still hoping they take the division. Keep your fingers crossed that the Rays lose all their remaining games since that's the only way it can happen. Slim to no chance, but I'll grasp at anything.

I hope you do get to make that visit to Seattle - I've never been but how can you not fall in love with the Pacific Northwest??!!


Fab Kate said...

enjoy your time in Mass. I'm sure there's something you can do in the evenings rather than watch the playoffs... there's a lot to see out there if memory serves me. Sure, you won't get the wandering day trips that are so nice, but why not spend an hour here and an hour there down at the harbor?

I had to laugh about Duncan. My Kali travels with me, and is pretty used to being a hotel cat. There are times that I actually think she enjoys the change of pace :)

Carolyn said...

My cat's would KILL Me if I took them to a hotel... ha!
maybe travel isn't such a hot thought because you don't wanna leave your comfort zone? Just chin up! Tools for Weight loss and happiness are the easist thigns to carry with you!

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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