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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

France Hot, Seattle Cold

So whoever said that women start hitting a peak around my age certainly knew what they were talking about. They are not kidding. Look out world of men, I am awake. You think I was Samantha before? You have no idea.

The mystery with Mr X continues. He is back in France and constantly trying to communicate with me. Early Jersey AM time, mid-afternoon Jersey time, and even midnight France time. Asking many questions about my life, work, previous relationships, the animals, what I like to do to relax, where I like to travel. I found it rather interesting that after several days since our last conversation, he remembered not only the names of my dog and cat, but that I said my dog needs a lot of exercise chasing a frisbee. Come on, most guys I've known haven't remembered or demonstrated that they remembered that kinda of stuff. Maybe he's a woman?

Mr X is also very forthcoming about his own life. Difficult divorce, he loved her very much it seemed. Lost a child after 17 weeks of life. He has definite plans to purchase a home in Jersey, near NYC. (Um for those counting, that would be his 3rd home.) He dreams to build his business here. Slight red flag...is he looking for a green card? Who knows. I'm more than qualified with that subject matter. File under So I Married a Foreigner. He volunteered without prompting that he's disgusted by how many women approached him for sex online and he's a "god-fearing man" who would never lie, doesn't know how to be dishonest, and cannot imagine focusing on more than one woman in his life at a time. Hmm. Oddly. Fascinating. And I can hear Sweden chanting, "gay."

So why haven't I seen him on web cam? Because these conversations have been while I am mobile and I cannot view a web cam on mobile. So, sit tight little ladies in waiting, we will soon see if this is a prince or a frog. Believe me, it'll be breaking news when I know.

And my Seattle, my "red-hot, Jason Lewis' little brother, gotta call my Jersey girl every day, I'm so into you" Seattle that I was going to rendezvous with in October? Gone stone cold, no TM, no call, blue. Not a peep out of him in over a week. His 30th birthday is this coming weekend. So much for my idea of a gift. Hmmm. Odd how the universe works, isn't it.

"Just gotta keep on keepin' on."

Now, how about if the Red Sox could just cinch the wild card, please?

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Deb said...

I cannot wait till you see what he looks like with the webcam. I hope he's freakin hot!

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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