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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wanna Buy a Duck?

"If it looks like a duck
and sounds like a duck,
it is probably a duck!"

As promised, breaking news. I'll cut right to the chase and then offer details.

Mr X, the French man, who spent at least one month's subscription to Chemistry_Not.com, is indeed a Nigerian romance scammer. It took three conversations for it to reveal itself fully. I will be sharing my story with romancescammer web site.

Like I said, I suspected as much from the start. But let this be a lesson to anyone online dating! Even the expensive guided communication sites are prime real estate for clueless victims for these crafty thugs.

Today when I asked if we could chat using web cams, he wrote back that he would love to but it would have to wait until he got settled in the Benin Republic. I laughed my head off. That's West Africa. He wrote he got a contract to build an orphanage there and was leaving tomorrow. I played it straight, told him to have a safe trip, etc. Then I couldn't help myself and I added that he should watch out for online Internet scammers from Africa who use strange ways to become friends and try to take advantage of you. He said he never heard of such a thing and that he would be very careful.

Now some people wonder (including myself) WHY would someone go through that hassle? What is it they're trying to gain? Well, money. Perhaps your identity. And who knows what else. I've read many reports and testimonials of some very bad situations. Of course I would NEVER send money or even pay for a phone call.

So ridiculous!

At least I know my *cough*clickhere*cough* Seattle is real, even if he has gone MIA two days before his 30th birthday.


butterfly said...

When something seems to be too good to be true, it often turns out to be exactly so. If you can't show yourself on webcam or if your pictures look like magazine cut outs, don't bother dudes!

Glad you found out well in advance that this guy is a fraud! Mr. Seattle is pretty nice looking! Let's hope for a positive outcome =)

Deb said...

i'll pass on the duck, but if there are any takers - i got a bridge in san francisco they might be interested in too. water included, for the duck of course.

Carolina Girl said...

Wow, that really sucks about mr. frenchie! What a jerk!

But...Mr. Seattle....wowzers! Hubba hubba!

Carolina Girl said...

Seriously...that smile....girl...my oh my! ;)

MissMelisaMae said...

Love it! Chris Hanson did a sting on NBC where he met 2 women that were supposedly engaged to the same man. They had never met their fiances and only had one picture. They were shipping electronics for their fiances to Nigeria. Helloooo? Get a damn clue! So sad that some women are so desperate....

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