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Friday, June 22, 2007

Out of the 90s - Round One

I have lost the 90s! Yahooooooo!

8 lbs gone. Fantastic.

Some people have expressed concern not to lose too much too quickly. Fair enough. I just want it to be gone so that I can feel better -- when I feel better I know that the weight will not come back.

I regained the weight I'd lost because I started feeling really bad about myself again. I went from a very high positive to a very low negative opinion of myself right after I started working in an office setting again. Knowing this going forward, if I am going to maintain any weight loss while working in corporate life, I must keep myself extremely positive. I am going to start meditation, both for relaxation stress relief and to start looping positive thoughts about myself.

Just a side note to the foods and supplements I'm eating, I am also taking a multivitamin (One-a-day WeightSmart) which the program highly recommends as well as an iron supplement for my anemia. Some day soon I hope to be able to donate blood again. Nothing feels better to me than helping someone else.

Sena is much more alert and energetic this morning. Perhaps a combination of the cortisone and the reiki. I only know that it was a delight to see her "trot" outside instead of hobble along. Many thanks and blessings to those who have helped us with this crisis.

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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