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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day 5: 7 lbs G O N E


Thank you Kimkins!

My review of L-Glutamine will be here shortly.

Sena is definitely a bit more of herself this afternoon. Still not 100% but I think we're getting there.

Now I must mow the jungle! I'm Jane. Where is my Tarzan?


Well, it rained on my jungle. Tarzan will have to wait. Another day of growth before I can mow it.

So L-Glutamine. Powder form, flavorless kind (as opposed to the cherry etc).

Well. I've taken 3 teaspoons in 3 different ways over 36 hours.

1. Mixed into a glass of bottled water. Blech.

2. Mixed into a glass of iced tea. Ehh, left teeth feeling chalky.

3. Taken directly off the spoon and chased with a large glass of water. Yup. That will have to be the way for me. The great taste of anything is a good chaser and it gets the powder out of the mouth quickly.

The powder consistency is like flour, ironically a huge no-no in a no carb diet. But of course this powder is protein not carb. L-Glut is sold in pill form as well, but everything I've read say that the powder is the best form.

Maybe I'll try a flavored one next month when I need to buy more.

I can't say there is an effect after taking it for a day and a half, but I can say that on this life changing food plan for 5 days, I have not once felt hungry. Ever. Like....I don't have any interest in dinner. For me, that is monumental.

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