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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Don't Eat Your Emotions

"I eat like a guppie. Some day my stomach will explode."
Kathy Griffin, from My Life on the D-List

morning weight: did not weigh

OK so, I watch as much comedy as I possibly can. Horror? No thanks, I would just fixate on all the bad stuff. I have a hard enough time watching Criss Angel Mindfreak with some of the freaky gross stuff he does. That's horror enough. But comedy...give it to me baby. I need to laugh. And laugh. Until I'm gasping for air and about to die from lack of oxygen. Watching Kathy Griffin's reality show last night, I did laugh. But it was also the episode in which her father died. And that was just not funny. However, she did say the above quote (I am paraphrasing until I get it exactly quoted), and added that is how she would likely die, by exploding. As I was laughing and nodding, I stopped myself. No...that's not how I will die. I will not ever eat to the point of feeling like my stomach is going to explode.

Don't eat your emotions. Don't do it. We always did eat our emotions in my family. You're happy? Celebrate with a BIG dinner, cake, ice cream. You're not feeling well? You're sad, your boyfriend just broke up with you, you lost the hockey game, etc? EAT, you'll feel better. I think we defined the term comfort food. I know, I'm not from the only Polish-Italian family in the world, but my family is the only one I had to grow up in.

I couldn't be more stressed right now. Sena isn't well, I've got work to complete that will have me up all night, and my mother is coming to visit starting Sunday and I can never clean to her standards.

Acupuncture and cortisone shot for Sena: $229
Container of L-Glutamine for my cravings: $40
Additional acupuncture treatments for Sena: $65/each

Have you heard about those dogs and cats that paint? I wonder if Sena would be interested. Perhaps I could auction the paintings off. Come on, wouldn't it be great to fund the treatments? "Arthritic, cancer-battling Diva dazzles humans with her insightful pawprints..."

I was bound and determined to find L-Glutamine today. Online it is everywhere (and much cheaper but who knows if it is a good source), but I decided not to wait for shipping. So on my way home (on a day in which I ate nothing and drank two cups of tea), I went down what I will now dub "Devil's Temptation Road." On my way to the health store, I passed my favorite Mex place Moe's, a Wendy's that was piping french fry scent and an Outback that one could smell at least 200 feet from the steakhouse. Despite my lack of food today, I wasn't hungry when I started the trip. By the time I was done, I could have eaten my own hand.

I survived though, because I had a pact with a friend. If she wasn't going to eat her emotions today after hearing some bad news, then I wasn't going to either.

So won't you hum a little tune with me?

"Just a spoonful of L-Glutamine makes the appetite go down, the appetite go down, the appetite go down....."

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