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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Day 2: Four Pounds Lost

Morning weight: xxx lbs

I had to actually use a calculator to see how much I'd lost (mostly because I feel like I'm still sleeping).

4 pounds. In one day. Fantastic! Yes, realistically, I know it is water weight, but it is weight nonetheless, and it is gone!

I want to record as much as I feel and think so that I will never allow myself to go back to this weight!

Here is what I look like at xxx lbs:

It is OK to love myself at this size. After all, I am still a beautiful person with a warm heart, glowing green eyes, sweet smile, and a fantastic sense of humor. I also have killer strong legs and delicate wrists and ankles (that should no longer be forced to bear so much extra weight). And I am still an engaging, sensual lover, even at this weight. Imagine when I am 100 lbs less; I'm going to be a wildfire filly!

Acceptance is one of the path marks to change.

I accept that:
  • I have lost control of my appetite.
  • I eat food for comfort.
  • I can change these things about myself.
  • I will exercise for comfort.
  • I will read for comfort.
  • I will write for comfort.
On the agenda for today:
  • Walk
  • Cook and/or prep lunches and dinners for the week (I absolutely hate to come home from work and sit in the kitchen for several hours).
  • Clean out car (this in itself is a serious exercise)


Anonymous said...

nice start d ! OK, now you've gone and MADE me start a path to self improvement, too....race you to 200 lbs ! D

GirlTrueHeart said...

You're on! Check out Kimkins, it is great for women and men! I can tell you the basics about it, give me a call.

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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