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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lack of Hunger

I really don't understand how this is working.

I have no hunger. Even after a full day of work, giving the two dogs baths, and mowing the lawn, I have no appetite. I am not taking an appetite suppressant. I just don't feel hungry. This could become a problem if I stop eating. I certainly won't lose as much weight then because my body will go into shock and I will become weak.

I think I will let my body tell me when it is hungry next.

What is really odd is that if I did all that activity while I was still overdosed on starch (as I certainly was), then I would be starving and pulling everything out of the cabinets to eat.

The body is an odd and fascinating thing for sure. Mine is re-educating itself about food. I am just fortunate that so far it hasn't seemed as hard. It would be great if the rest of the weight came off this effortlessly.


Donna C said...

Hey there! Sounds like you're doing well. I have just rejoined WW....I'm determined to make it back to my Lifetime Member status. I felt so good then....
Keep it up! We're all cheering you on!

Suzie said...

Hey Women! I find that people that do not have 'issues' with food, smoking, dringking etc. just don't have a clue as to what other people go through. They may try to understand (including me!)by try to help some times or try to hinder by saying - 'it's only one cooky', 'it's only one drink', 'it's only one drag'. Half your battle is dealing with other people and it sounds like your doing the great job!!! Keep Going!! oxoxox

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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