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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stay Open

"Stay open. Who knows? Lightning could strike.”

He met the dogs. And Duncan the cat. He threw the frisbee for Chadster. And he was still smiling and laughing, even as they covered him with pet hair (which seems to be a concern of his at the moment...he'll soon realize there's nothing to be done for it).

And then it was my turn for attention. And I just came right out and said it.

"[Mr Listener,] if you don't kiss me soon, I'm afraid I'm going to lose my mind...."

And then he kissed me. Just like that. And it was soft and it was sweet and it was warm and light and I felt incredibly high. And then we kissed again and he touched my face. And I'm not going to turn this into some kind of twilight novel, so I will just say it was delicious, the way first kisses are supposed to be. I didn't believe I could feel this good again, and I am so glad that I do, I'm just soaking up the feeling.

Hmmm, a kiss a day....wonder what that would do for my health?


Donna C said...

AWESOME!! Mr L sounds like a great guy. I'm so psyched for you!!! :-)

Graciela said...


You know I have been so anxious for this moment, and I am glad it was wonderful for you.


Carolina Girl said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww that sounds so sweet and romantic!! I'm so happy for you! He sounds like a doll face. GOOD for you for telling me like it is. Sounds like he's been wanting to do that but just needed a little prod :)

More details please!!!!

Jen said...

Sounds VERY nice!!! I'm proud of you for putting it out there!!!

Sarah said...

WOOHOO!!!!! I knew I liked him!

lila said...

Oh my! that's just wonderful. Soooo happy for you.
On another note, thanks so much for your sweet comments on my page. I'm feel better, actually. It's been a couple of weeks. The beginning was really bad, but now my hormones are evening out, which is really great and I'm beginning to feel like myself again. So, I guess it's now time to start to heal my broken heart. I love that your heart is being nurtured and loved.

Soxy Deb said...

I got a tingly in my stomach when I read that. So happy for you.
Enjoy it! Nothing beats that first kiss.

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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