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Thursday, April 2, 2009

145 BPM or Bust

(By the way, my team was buying my line of resignation for about two minutes yesterday until someone said, Isn't it April 1st today? Of course, I fired that person on the spot.)

Well, I have good news and good/bad news.

The ePulse arrived, and I love it. Anyone who wears a heart rate monitor...have you found yourself measuring your heart rate doing random things? It is amusing to me.

Resting heart rate this morning: 68 (I will average this after 3 mornings)
Dealing with work email, while working from home: 86
On conference call: 95
Doing dishes: 86
Throwing the frisbee for the dog: 100
Writing this post: 77
In the office, dealing with idiots: Yet to be determined, stay tuned

The good/bad news is that the LifeFitness sensors at the gym are almost exactly right on with the ePulse. At times last night, the machine sensors were briefly about 2 beats higher, but never for long; they would come back in alignment with the ePulse rate.

What's good about this is that all my workouts have been accurate in numbers. What's bad about this is that my workout doesn't seem to be doing enough, and very soon, I'll have to really increase my workout in order to stay ahead of plateauing.

I had prepared myself to be disappointed that the treadmill wasn't accurately measuring my heart rate and therefore, I would have to work harder but I would achieve better results. Now instead, I have to console myself with the idea that at least now I will be able to learn my average heart rate and incrementally increase my efforts based on that. I won't be overworking (which I was worried about) and I won't be underworking (because honestly, I don't want to spend more than 8-9 hours at the gym every week!) .


Wednesday, April 1
Life Fitness Treadmill
Standing heart rate: 76
Workout heart rate: 142-145-150
Workout mode: FAT BURN 30 min @ 2.8 mph
RANDOM level 14, 30 mins @ 2.8 mph
Calories: 763 Distance: 2:83 Time: 65:00

Seated leg press 70 lbs 3 sets of 10
Abdominal press 50 lbs 3 sets of 20
Chest press 40 lbs 2 sets of 10

Note: I think I'm going to stay away from the weights for right now. I did not feel good afterwards (especially my back), and I did not like sandwiching them in between the two 30 minutes of cardio. If I feel like it at the time, sort of like a spur of the moment decision, I'll do the ab press, but I'm not going to feel obligated. I think changing the cardio by aiming for 145 average heart rate for 60 minutes is enough of a kick to adjust to right now. I'm pretty sure until this last week or so, my average has been about 136, but we'll know more once I get the ePulse to tell me the workout average.


Sarah said...

I find it endlessly fascinating to know random bits of info. Like your heart rate while on a conference call. I wonder what mine would be while trying with all my strength not to roll my eyes at my boss. Pretty high, I'd think. I also love knowing the exact temperature inside and out everywhere I go.

Yeah I need to get on the treadmill. As always, thanks for the inspiration!

Soxy Deb said...

I really would like to again recommend that you try the elliptical. You may not be able to do much at first, I know I started at like 5 minutes at first and then worked up to 10 and continued moving up until I was at 35-40 minutes. It's such a great workout. ALL OVER.
Try it. Once I got past the knee pain - which wasn't really pain so much as discomfort that totally went away once I had been doing it for a while - I really loved the workout I got.

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