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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mr President, Jack Bauer on the Line

I have so many little mundane things to blog about....I guess that's what snowstorms will be for...getting caught up on things like that. Just as soon as I go find some mistletoe to pin to me along with the last carton of milk in a 5-mile radius.

But first two things: Mr President, Jack Bauer, and Santa. (That's 3 things but who's counting?)

I got a really cool personalized holiday card from the President - did you? I love what technology allows us to do. Check it out and make your own to send to a friend.


And now, I have to send a shoutout to my niece, Ms Jenn resident of the West Village in New York City. I have to say kudos to her grace and true "new yorker" sensibility (even though - or perhaps because - she was raised in Connecticut).

Yesterday, she just happened to cross paths with Mr. Kiefer Sutherland (link is clip of him butt-kissing his fanbase at The Con) at her gym, about 5-10 minutes from her residence. And she just said hi back when he said hi. See what I mean about uber coolness? Her gym, his gym.

My selfish jealousies Security won't let me disclose the location, for fear that thousands of 24 fans will descend there and wait. But safe to say, one might come across his path again if one were to frequent said establishment.

In general, my niece's aunt is a star struck freak who is also a total klutz. Yes, I'm talking about me. I would have tripped down the stairs, and taken the superhero Jack Bauer actor, down with me like a MAC truck without brakes. And then Kiefer (yes people, it is I before E: K-i-e-f-e-r) would have every reason to headbutt me, and I would probably beg him to do so.

And I suspect this is why there has not been an invitation to be my niece's guest at the gym. Well played, Jenn, well played. Trust me, I wouldn't go in a million years.

Hot chocolate or lunch at a trendy locale, that I can do. The worst that could happen is I accidentally pierce myself with a fork while oogling a celeb. Exercising where celebs might be, not a chance in hell. Insurance doesn't cover the health risks involved to myself and those around me.

If you are a 24 freak fan, may I suggest you check out KieferSutherland24.net. Big rumor that this is the last season of 24. Hope so, as much as I love it even as a liberal, it has become rather formulaic and they should go out on a big NYC-based note. In the office, coworkers count how many times Jack says NOW! or Mr/Madam President. And some take a drink each time the body count rises in honor of Sutherland's own alcoholic tendencies (yes I work with a real fun group of folks obviously). He's become a cardboard cutout superhero. Which is great, don't get me wrong. Just like Superman, Batman, Jason Bourne, etc. Fun to watch, but there's less and less substance as the years roll on. Just my opinion, Kiefer, don't headbutt me please.

Case in point, I leave you with this hilarious serious well-edited clip of Jack Bauer interrogating Santa. The end is the best!


Ursula. said...

Ha ha, you're quite right about not giving out too many details, us Kiefer fans are a resourceful lot, even though I'm 5000 miles away I could probably somehow manage to stake the place out ! ( ok, I am joking ) Thanks for the post, hope your neice runs into him again !

Jersey Girl said...

That video is fabulous! Gonna have to share it with a few peeps.

Julie said...

You lost me at Jack Bauer....

Just getting caught up on my blog reading. Happy Sunday!

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